Monday, September 8, 2008

Jorgensen makes Comedy Central

Posted By on Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 9:53 PM

Idaho Sen. Mike Jorgensen made John Stewart's Daily Show, which was broadcast from the Twin Cities during the Republican National Convention.

The state senator, who hails from Hayden Lake, told a fake Daily Show correspondent all about small town America.

Traditional marriage, uh, uh, help me out here... church, Christian church... Jewish Church...(@ 1:12)

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Vota Absentia

Posted By on Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 4:28 PM

Ada County is pushing absentee voting this year by sending an absentee request card to every registered voter, throwing off the timing of some campaigns that thought they were going to get their own supporters to vote absentee first... read about it first at

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Idaho Paulites withhold six McCain votes

Posted By on Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 4:12 PM

The Idaho delegation to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn. cast 26 votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin, with it's six Ron Paul supporters refusing to cast a nominating vote.

Alanna Grimm, one of Idaho's six Paul delegates, told citydesk that Ron Paul was never nominated as a candidate and thus it was not possible to cast a vote for him.

"We were Ron Paul delegates and we just didn’t vote for McCain," Grimm said.

You can watch Lt. Gov. Jim Risch announce 26 of Idaho's 32 votes for McCain in the name of Kristin Armstrong and Sarah Palin on his new blog.

Grimm would not say who she'll vote for in November, but she lauded Palin's breakthrough Wednesday night speech and said the true conservatives in the crowd were pleased: "Conservatism matters," she said.

Several months ago Grimm told us that McCain was not electable, but Palin's nomination has made her rethink that.

Grimm also attended Paul's parallel convention, the Rally for the Republic, while in St. Paul.

While Grimm did not believe it possible to support Paul on the convention floor, The Wall Street Journal blog (oy, they blog too) is reporting that Paul did get 15 votes at the convention, including five from Palin's home state of Alaska. And Romney got two Utah votes.

One component of Grimm's attraction to Palin (McCain) comes from this MTV video in which the AK Gov plugs the one and only, Ron Paul (@ 3:07):

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Most Idaho candidates refuse questions

Posted By on Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 11:46 AM

Project VoteSmart, a national database of politicians, candidates and their positions, has released its totals for this year’s surveys. Only four of nine federal candidates in Idaho agreed to answer the group's questions, and 37 percent of state office seekers responded.
They call it the Political Courage Test, and 37 percent is not a bad response rate for state offices, Project VoteSmartspokesman Brandon Horton said.

I asked Horton why Idaho candidates should care about this national survey (which happens to be based in Montana).

“Our test and the organization itself is completely nonpartisan,” Horton said. So of the dozens of surveys candidates are asked to fill out during election season, VoteSmart has a track record, a national scale and a board of directors that warrant some attention.

The group’s board includes both George McGovern and Newt Gingrich. It used to include John McCain, according to Horton, but he was forced off the board when he refused to answer the questionnaire, a requirement for all board members.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin also declined the survey in her bid for governor, but maybe she should get a second chance now that she’s playing in a different league.

The site is full of fascinating data, like this list of dozens of individuals who would like to be president. You can also see who answered from Idaho, though it does not look like the site is quite up to date yet.

After finding that only 10 percent of the public knew about the database, Project VoteSmart has launched a national PR campaign, including a big voter education bus that was in Boise a few weeks ago. But that's not why we're posting this. It's because the site is damn useful and Horton promises it will get more useful when the Web interface is updated.

Here is the list of who answered and who did not, provided by Project VoteSmart.

Idaho Congressional General Results

Deborah Holmes ID U.S. House 2 Democratic
Michael Simpson ID U.S. House 2 Republican
Pro-Life ID U.S. Senate Independent
Kent Marmon ID U.S. Senate Libertarian

Walter Minnick ID U.S. House 1 Democratic
William Sali ID U.S. House 1 Republican
Larry LaRocco ID U.S. Senate Democratic
Rex Rammell ID U.S. Senate Independent
James Risch ID U.S. Senate Republican

Idaho State Legislative General Results

Eric Anderson ID State House 1A Republican Steve Elgar ID State House 1A Democratic
George Eskridge ID State House 1B Republican Tom Hollingsworth ID State House 1B Democratic
C.J. Rose ID State House 2B Democratic James Clark ID State House 3A Republican
Phil Hart ID State House 3B Republican Marge Chadderdon ID State House 4A Republican
Tamara Poelstra ID State House 4A Democratic James Hollingsworth ID State House 4B Republican
George Sayler ID State House 4B Democratic Robert Nonini ID State House 5A Republican
Judith Brown ID State House 6A Democratic Bob Hassoldt ID State House 6B Republican
Shirley Ringo ID State House 6B Democratic Elizabeth Chavez ID State House 7A Democratic
John Rusche ID State House 7B Democratic Darrell Bolz ID State House 10B Republican
Bob Solomon ID State House 11A Democratic Steven Thayn ID State House 11A Republican
Paul Venable ID State House 11B Constitution Richard Mabbutt ID State House 12A Democratic
Gary Collins ID State House 12B Republican   Sunny Freeman ID State House 12B Democratic
Greg Funk ID State House 15B Democratic  Grant Burgoyne ID State House 16A Democratic
Joan Cloonan ID State House 16A Republican Bill Killen ID State House 17A Democratic
Branden Durst ID State House 18A Democratic Phylis King ID State House 18B Democratic
James Oyler ID State House 18B Libertarian Rex Kerr ID State House 20A Libertarian
Marv Hagedorn ID State House 20B Republican Rosemary Ardinger ID State House 22B Democratic
Donna Pence ID State House 25B Democratic John Stevenson ID State House 26A Republican
Maxine Bell ID State House 26B Republican Dennis Lake ID State House 28A Republican
Allen Andersen ID State House 29A Democratic James Ruchti ID State House 29B Democratic
Jerry Shively ID State House 33A Democratic John McGimpsey ID State House 33B Democratic
Mack Shirley ID State House 34A Republican Calvin Leman ID State House 35A Democratic
Michael Jorgenson ID State Senate 3 Republican Jeremy Paul Boggess ID State Senate 4 Independent
John Goedde ID State Senate 4 Republican Kenneth Howard ID State Senate 4 Democratic
James Hammond ID State Senate 5 Republican Sheldon Vincenti ID State Senate 6 Democratic
Leland Heinrich ID State Senate 8 Republican Kirsten Richardson ID State Senate 11 Independent
T. Allen Hoover ID State Senate 17 Republican Nicole LeFavour ID State Senate 19 Democratic
Shirley McKague ID State Senate 20 Republican William Chisholm ID State Senate 23 Democratic
Dean Cameron ID State Senate 26 Republican Diane Bilyeu ID State Senate 29 Democratic
Ralph Lillig ID State Senate 29 Republican Bart Davis ID State Senate 33 Republican
Brent Hill ID State Senate 34 Republican Luke Prange ID State Senate 35Democratic


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MSP welcomes BOIs

Posted By on Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 10:57 AM

From freelancer Ben Westhoff, roving the streets of St. Paul this week: One of the hot commodities on the streets at the GOP National Convention pays homage to the toe-tapping that a) made Idaho's senior senator famous or b) made the MSP bathroom famous or c) made the GOP pick that fair Metro Area for its convention.

Read more of Westhoff's stuff here and here.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin, paleo-mom

Posted By on Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 8:54 PM

John McCain's pick of Alaska governor Sarah Palin gave Idaho Republicans-some of whom are bred from the same cloth (described in this Anchorage Press story as "Christian Republicans of the 'wholesome' variety"-something to cheer, for the first time in this post-primary season.

Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter sent this congratulations:

“I believe that Governor Palin is a great fit for the ticket. I think she brings a lot of balance. I know that everyone knows and understands that she is a westerner. She was born in Sandpoint. She was educated at the University of Idaho. That certainly helps. But in the short time that I have known Governor Palin…she has been very involved in the Western Governor’s Conference, in the National Governor’s Association on primarily education matters, criminal justice, natural resources, and transportation and she has always provided a lot of leadership and a lot of input to the other Governors that I don’t believe that understand as much of the western problems that we have. So I think she is a great fit for the McCain ticket and is going to bring the balance that we need.”
Idaho GOP Chairman Norm Semanko was at U of I the same time as Palin and told the Idaho Statesman: "I don't recall ever having met her, but we'll fix that next week ... We were all pretty excited to go to Minneapolis but we're really, really excited now."

He also called her a "smoother Helen Chenoweth."

And strangely enough, from Democratic candidate Walt Minnick:
"This is an exciting and surprising day for Idaho. Although many of us had expected to see Gov. Mitt Romney on the Republican ticket, I join other Idahoans in offering sincere congratulations to Gov. Sarah Palin, a native daughter and alumnus of one of our state's great universities. Her reputation as a champion of reform and enemy of corruption sends yet another message that people from both parties are ready for change in Washington, D.C."
The Anchorage Press profile is a really good read if you want to get to know Palin a little better.
Another interlocutor wants to know about transportation. “That's a great question,” Palin says, “Thanks for asking it” - and then talks about keeping all the options on the table and getting the best minds involved in the debate and doing what's right for Alaskans, and respecting Alaska's constitution, and the importance of small government and local control, and what an honor it would be to serve her questioner and Alaska
In Idaho that is a common answer to lots of questions too. Constitution, local control, keep options table open small gov....

While none of this indicates that she is prepared to negotiate with Iran or delegate emergency response in flood zones, Palin does have that western wholesomeness that we love, including carrying her babies the right way, efficiently wrapping moose meat and recognizing the important pedagogical values in teenage pregnancy.

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