Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'll Have the No.2 With a Side of Tattoos

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I was at dinner the other night in Nampa and was being waited on by a very young, spunky server. She was doing a great job but one thing about her uniform was bugging me. For no apparent reason, she had a sweatband wrapped around one of her wrists.

Not able to resist, I asked why she had the band around her wrist. She said, “To cover a tattoo. My manager does not think it is appropriate for our older guests.”

After I laughed a little, I asked to see it. It was a skull and crossbones on the inside of her wrist. Nothing bad, I thought, especially compared to the other things I have seen on people in the industry.

Take a friend of mine. He has two tattoos on his forearms. One is of a knife and the other is of a pig. Seems self explanatory, but a few things need to be said about the tats. One, the pig is not a normal pig; it is a diagram of the primal cuts, those cuts that a butcher gets from a pig when it's slaughtered. The only one of those cuts that is labeled on his tat, however, is that of the pig’s stomach. Down the center line of the pig's belly is tattooed the word “BACON”.

His other tattoo, of a knife, is not a normal knife. It is a tattoo of his knife. It's a Shun Santoku, a damn nice knife.

In the restaurant industry having a tattoo is like a right of passage and I say let them be seen.

Randy King is the Executive Chef at Sysco Food Services of Idaho. He has served as the Executive Chef at several locations in Boise including Richard’s in Hyde Park, Crane Creek Country Club and the Doubletree Riverside Hotel. Randy is a member of the American Culinary Federation and has been awarded the elite status of Certified Executive Chef. He can typically be found behind a stove making a mess ... and something delicious to eat.

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