Monday, March 29, 2010

Need Something to Do Monday?

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Strangely enough, polls consistently show people are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of death. Obviously, there is a disconnect as one is fatal, and the other isn't. But still the fear remains. Fear of failure. Fear of judgement. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of the audience taking up torches and pitchforks and stringing you up on the rack. (Note: That last one probably won't happen.(Unless you're REALLY bad. (Like, REALLY REALLY bad. (Like worse-than-Tammy-Faye-Bakker-high-on-pills-era bad. Perhaps with a speech entitled Fascism's Greatest Hits.))) (That was a lot of parentheses...)

Glossophobia is especially unfortunate as good public speaking skills have proven direct effects on career success, as well as improving one's ability in social situations to crack a good joke. Perhaps the joke that gets you the date, or the job, or saves an awkward family situation that arises over some holiday from descending into anarchy.

And while there are extensive series of therapy, self-help books, pills and college courses available to craft you into a first-rate pundit or raconteur, the best way to conquer fear is practice.

So, today, rather than huddling in a corner with a bottle of whiskey, rocking back and forth with your knees clutched to your chest, whimpering about the power point presentation you have to give on Thursday, why not swing by Pioneer Toastmasters, at Perkins Family Restaurant, 300 Broadway Avenue, from 6-7:30.

Toastmasters is free every Monday, open to anyone who'd like to improve their public speaking skills, and can be a lot of fun. And unlike Fight Club, you are free just to watch.


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