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  • White Noise
  • White Noise

    What some local snow enthusiasts listen to on the slopes
      Think back to last season on the mountain. You're cruising down the cat track, gawking at the miles of snow-covered hills in the distance and rocking out to a little Mars Volta. You're just getting into that first sweetly mellow funky Latin piano bit on "L'Via L'Viaquez" when you're sideswiped by some rider coming up from behind you. Suddenly the two of you are rolling across the snow together in an awkward embrace, and just as you're about to drop off into the hillside out-of-bounds area, you disentangle and hit the ground with a thud. Following a series of grunts and mumbled apologies, you realize the other guy thinks it's your fault. "I said 'on your left' like three times," he says. "Didn't you hear me?"
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  • Good Man
  • Good Man

    Josh Ritter's take on songwriting
      On stage, singer-songwriter Josh Ritter—whose performance persona requires a suit and quite often a matching tie—is an engaging showman. Plucking his guitar almost absent-mindedly between songs, he elicits laughs by quipping about local TV and radio personalities, and regales audiences with tales of rotary festival performances in his hometown, joking that Idaho beauty pageant contestants are "something fierce."
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  • Life Parallactic
  • Life Parallactic

    Pinto Bennett talks about his name, his songs and being in charge
      "I became a songwriter out of self defense," Bennett says. "I was always the shittiest guitar picker in the band. There was always someone better, so I figured it out--if I write the songs, I'm in charge." But, in truth, he was writing songs long before his band survival instincts kicked in. . .
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  • Buckskin Bible Review

    No shirt, no shoes, no problem

      There are two barefooted bandsmen, one tie-dyed shirt, a pair of bright red sunglasses and a swift kick in the crowd's energy level ...

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  • Band of Bands

    Boise Local Music Group collects local music supporters


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