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  • Do We Need Police Oversight? Ask Spokane

    How important is civilian police oversight?
      In Boise, the city is considering winding down the ombudsman's job from a full- to part-time position.
  • Fit to Print

    Giving stories the attention they deserve
      "We like to blame pretty much anything and anyone other than ourselves for the perceived sorry state of journalism."
  • Je Suis Charlie

    The attack made me feel sick; lost for words.
      "Stop them damned pictures. I don't care so much what the papers say about me. My constituents don't know how to read, but they can't help seeing them damned pictures."
  • Briefest Best

    All the fiction that fits into 101 words
      "We hope you enjoy these stories and that maybe they inspire you to practice your own art, no matter what it is or how small it may be."
  • This Spud's For You

    On the peculiarities of celebrating the new year
      As official print media partner of the 2nd Annual New Year's Eve Idaho Potato Drop, Boise Weekly is psyched to present the official guide to the event, hosted by the Idaho New Year's Commission.
  • A Long Way to Tipperary

    Meditations on the Christmas Truce and the price of service
      In this Christmas Eve edition of Boise Weekly we explore the experience of spending the holidays away from family, with stories from veterans at the Boise Veterans Home.
  • Feast of Films

    Giving the film critic room to roam
      Boise Weekly's own film fanatic George Prentice (who will happily tell you everything you never knew you wanted to know about Babes in Toyland) works like a man possessed, watching and reviewing every movie of note that comes out each year.
  • In Stuff We Trust

    The grotesquerie of Black Friday
      Every year we're treated to a round of finger-wagging over materialism, but to shame consumers is to shame the victims of an economy that has created the severest income inequality since the Gilded Age.
  • Editor's Note

    Fiction 101 and Potato Drop News
      Entries must contain 101 words (not including the title), as determined by Microsoft Word. No poetry.
  • The Next Big Thing

    As we were putting this baby to bed, our thoughts turned to the the 13th annual Boise Weekly Cover Auction.
  • Editor's Note

    From Bikes to Booze
      In case you didn't notice, Boise Weekly gets a little drinks-minded around this time of year.
  • Editor's Note

    Mixed Bag
      Some weeks, digging up the 350-ish words it takes to fill this space feels like pulling 350 teeth. Not so this week.
  • Editor's Note

    Awards Season
      BW was once again recognized for its top-notch reporting, bringing home an armful of accolades from the annual awards banquet May 3.
  • Editor's Note

    Change is in the Air
      "Take a quick picture Boise. Things are changing... fast."
  • Editor's Note

    Mixed Bag
      We've written a lot about Add the Words and LGBT issues in general--by now, readers of Boise Weekly probably have a feeling for how important we think those stories are. But in this week's edition, I think we may have touched on one of the most important--and compelling--of such stories to date.
  • On Stories On Stories

      Jessica Murri spent the better part of two months piecing together the story of Ralph Stanton and his exposure to plutonium at INL in 2011.
  • Editor's Note

    No Rest for the Ink-Stained Wretched
      You'll find a little bit of everything in this week's paper.
  • Editor's Note

      Identity is a touchy subject to say the least--cutting across, as it does, every aspect of the human experience.

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