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  • Got Fixed? Mobile Bike Repair
  • Got Fixed? Mobile Bike Repair

    On-the-go repair for your two-wheeled ride

      "It gives you advantages. Say somebody broke down on a trail up in the Foothills, you could go fix a bike up there. Your response time is generally faster than other people who are mobile," Little said.

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  • Ayn Rand Does Kids Lit
  • Ayn Rand Does Kids Lit

    Ayn Rand Writes The Baby-Sitters Club? Dear God, Yes.
      "When I say that I am the [Baby-Sitters Club] and the BSC is me, I mean that the others are merely instruments for carrying out my decisions. I am the will, they the body. You might call them useful tools."
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  • Dis Raps for Hire Talks Smack For You

      Part sketch comedy series, part op-ed, part music video, each episode starts with Lloyd working peacefully, then receiving an email and flying into an Incredible Hulk-like rage that leads him to stomping and smashing things in the studio to exact his revenge for hire, using whatever pieces of information are provided in the email.
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  • Body Sugaring
  • Body Sugaring

    One form of hair removal that's totally sweet

      On a recent trip to the Wicked Hair in Boise's Linen District, Sofie McConnaughay mulled a sugar-water-lemon paste—which she said has been referred to as Flubber—around in a gloved hand. She said the sugars aren't the normal baking variety, although the substance is edible.

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  • Duolingo
  • Duolingo

    This free app makes learning languages a snap
      Duolingo makes learning a language (or three) entertaining.
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  • Northwest Science Museum

    An alternative idea
      Admission is free, and if you're swayed by the case for God's hand over the cutthroat calculus of the plant and animal kingdoms, make a donation--proceeds go toward the construction of the actual Northwest Science Museum.
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  • The Beer Guys

    Keep the party going with booze delivered to your door.
      Did you reach into the party cooler for a cold brew, only to find that it's empty? Reach for your phone and dazzle your co-partiers by calling The Beer Guys, veritable booze superheroes.
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  • India Gifts
  • India Gifts

      Boise's new Indian gift store features tons of gigantic costume jewelry necklaces, bangles, patterned scarves and row after row of diwali candle holders.
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  • The World and Works of the Nelson Brothers
  • The World and Works of the Nelson Brothers

    130-year-old kids' art rivals most TV series
      The preserved works of these creative kids show the 19th century like you've never seen it.
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  • A Child's First Book 
of Trump

    A Child's First Book of Trump

    The 32-page children's book/survival manual offers sage observations about The Donald
    • Dec 7, 2016
  • Fidget Cube

    Fidget Cube

    This six-sided desk toy is covered in gizmos and whirligigs like rollers, joysticks, buttons, switches and more, designed to take as much nervous energy as even the twitchiest among us can give.
    • Nov 30, 2016
  • Turkey and Stuffing Seasoned Kettle Chips from Trader Joe's

    Turkey and Stuffing Seasoned Kettle Chips from Trader Joe's

    • Nov 16, 2016
  • Pig Candy

    Pig Candy

    This stuff doesn't come with nutritional information on the package, so there's no telling how much damage it can do to one's cardiovascular system or pancreas, but consumption is recommended in small doses.
    • Nov 9, 2016
  • Indoor Snowball Fight Kit

    Indoor Snowball Fight Kit

    Since these snowballs can live indoors, the warfare never has to end.
    • Nov 23, 2016
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