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  • Teachin' and Packin'

    Big iron on our hips
      When it happens, I doubt you'll have the courage to admit that you had anything to do with it.
  • How the Police Lost Idaho

    A short news item from 2018
      The first indication of trouble was when the Boise Police Department tried to give the Lockheed F-35 back.
  • None of the Above

    The learned helplessness civics lesson
      Any Democrats in Idaho who haven't achieved Learned Helplessness are slow learners.
  • Whose Monument?

    De facts of de facto ownership
      The idea of Eden as a moneymaker comes into sharp focus when framing the Boulder-White Clouds as a national monument.
  • Me and My Arrows

    Hunting season in Stanley
  • Dour Old Men

    And dour old women in drag
      "A meaningful life requires a more predictable world than the one quantum theory and existentialism describe."
  • Kids These Days

    Ephebiphobia rears its ugly head
      Socrates is always handy if you want to demonstrate a problem isn't new. You can note that there's a clinical condition--ephebiphobia, or fear of teenagers--that has been present throughout history.
  • Ah, Wilderness

    Were paradise enow
      "Any wild area that comes to its attention suffers through the wear and tear of a human population explosion. That's the reason the White Clouds and the Boulders, as non-wilderness, have been less trampled than the Sawtooths, which have been a wilderness since 1972."
  • Child Abuse

    With the best of intentions
      "We're training people to live in a world that doesn't exist except on portable electronic devices, giving them selves that have been constructed by marketing departments and software developers."
  • Pushing the Boulder-White Clouds Monument

    Privatization, commodification and sacrifice zones
      Magical thinking underlies the arguments for a Boulder-White Clouds monument just as much as it underlies the arguments of sagebrush rebels. In both cases, wishes overwhelm reality.
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  • If I'm So Old, Why Am I Feeling So Good?

    Human extinction in the best of times
      My father, unlike many men, became kinder and smarter as he aged. During his last decade, he gave me a vision of old age that was benign, courageous and reconciled to mortality.
  • Whistling Past the Graveyard

    Morale exercises and other pitfalls
      The Sun Valley Summer Symphony is having its season again. Julie and I have begun our pilgrimages over Galena Summit to its concerts.
  • Brain Damage

    As a matter of fact, it's all dark
      Nietzsche suggested that if you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will start gazing back. That's why I limit my reading about sports and brain damage to two or three articles a week.
  • Teaching Anxiety

    The real education nightmare
      You can use standardized tests and online classes to fake it, but real education doesn't happen without an engaged, intelligent teacher dealing with 10 or 15 or at most 20 students in the same room. That's a hard fact but a true fact.
  • Teaching Women to Write

    A dangerous meditation
      A hazard of teaching writing to undergraduates is you end up thinking people shouldn't be allowed to go to college until their neocortexes are developed enough to understand the subtleties of history, literature and human nature.
  • When Tears are Right

    How 9/11 really changed us
      We are at war, and we'll be at war as long as someone somewhere on the planet can be accused of terrorism.
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  • Don't Let's Let It Burn

    A changing environment means new priorities
      That accidentally-on-purpose policy appears to be over.
  • The Park of Death

    Don't waste time on the other rides
      "Butte County is already lobbying to have the Craters of the Moon National Monument transformed into a national park, and I propose that we go a step further and make it the nation's first Park of Death."


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