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  • Part Two: The end of the end

      We all have opinions, but to be given the opportunity to share those opinions with so many—and from a vantage considerably more prestigious than a bar stool—has been one of the high points of my life.
  • Part One: The beginning of the end

    Curtains for Bill Cope
      When I started, I didn’t set out to become such a long-termer. I submitted those first columns only because I saw the country slipping into a pattern of division and vitriol, and felt the need to respond, to defend the liberal values being so viciously attacked.
  • To the Class of '16

    You gotta go where you wanna go
      It's not such an easy thing, to have your future plotted out by 18.
  • Randem Flappings

    And MulletBoy joins the Great Debate
      "After 21 years of this, I still don't consider myself a political columnist. I prefer to call myself a "broad range cultural observer," meaning there is no thread of inquiry in this great warp and weave of human folly that I won't pull at if it strikes my fancy."
  • Mr. Cope's Cave: Rolling Rude

      "I knew there was only one place within 20-minutes driving time that I would find this item, and that it was a place I would normally avoid as though it were the very birthplace of ebola."
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  • Getaway to Heaven

    The blessed relief of blissful retreat
      "Sensitive readers might believe they have detected a restless ennui in my writing in recent weeks. You aren't imagining it. I call it 'campaign fatigue.'"
  • The Children's Crusade

    Versus that 'Establishment'
      If they don't know that there's not a damn thing new about insider politics, influence trading, back-door finagling and the art of compromise, it's not the establishment's fault—it is theirs, for either not learning history or not understanding it.


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