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Ted Rall 

  • 13 VS. 2 million

    Fort Hood a shocker ... why not U.S. war crimes?
      When Americans get killed, it's a big story. The lives of foreigners, on the other hand, are pretty much worthless.
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    Huge buffer zone protects us from Islamohordes
      Whether by military occupation or political co-option, powerful nations create buffer zones to protect their core homelands. In 1823, the Monroe Doctrine declared the Western Hemisphere, including all of Latin America, off-limits to interference by other nations--a policy enforced, for example, during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.
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  • 7-7-7

    Jobless? Obama's not that into you
      If the goal is to put more money into people's pockets, why not just put more money into people's pockets?

    Cultural suicide via digitalization
      Compact discs won't skip. They'll play even if you scratch them. Unless you break them or set them on fire, they'll last forever. That's the sales pitch the recording industry used to convince America to switch from vinyl records to CDs. But, as anyone who owns a hairy dog or cat knows, CDs do skip. And as anyone who uses them to store computer files knows, digital data stored on them eventually vanishes in a mysterious phenomenon called "data rot."
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  • A Harsh Lesson

    Obama snubs hard-working college students
      If Obama is looking for an example of continuing education that works, he need look no further than Columbia General Studies.
  • A Pen at a Gunfight

    Gun-control advocates look foolish, weak
      Either you're serious about eliminating gun violence, or you're not.
  • A Presidential Lie

    Executive privilege does not exist
      This is Obama's first use of "executive privilege," but both by historical and legal standards, it is radically overreaching.
  • A Prez Who Doesn't Try

    Is Obama kowtowing to the right?
      Instead of introducing major legislation, the White House plans to spend 2012 issuing presidential orders about symbolic, minor issues.
  • A War Not To Believe In

    Why won't Obama explain his third war?
      Note to union negotiators: The government has lots of money. They're spending it on war.
  • A War We Don't Have To Fight, Much Less Win

    Americans don't, and shouldn't, care about the war on terror
      Do Americans worry about terrorism? Seventy-nine percent of Americans told the most recent CNN survey of national concerns that they did. They considered the fight against terrorists "very important"--more so than Iraq, the economy, immigration or gas prices. But it isn't true.
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  • Afghan Death Trip

    Broke and on a losing streak, Obama doubles down
  • Afghan War Myths

    Support for occupation relies on lies and spin
      ... Every war the United States has fought, at least since 1945 (really since 1814), has been just for fun.
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