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  • Starts with a 'Q'

    Queer As Film Fest includes Fall of '55
      But don't think you have to be gay to have a piece of queer cinematic cake--Myers says, depending on the film, there is something for everyone.
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  • Joe Namath for President!

    Hyperbaric hindsight
      "I believe Joe when he says he wouldn't do it again if he knew now what he knew then, which is why the Republicans will nominate him for president this July in riot-torn Baltimore, Md."
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  • Will the Next 9/11 Arrive Via Drone?

    Aggressive drone wars set a dangerous precedent
      You know the pattern. We escalate the arms race with some new gadget to kill and maim more efficiently, then we deploy brute economic and military force to keep those new weapons to ourselves for as long as possible.
  • Megawhat?

    How many homes can you power with a single megawatt?
      "In another life, I was a business reporter, and one of my beats was energy. When writing those stories, I almost always used the handy formula 1 MW = 1,000 homes."


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