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  • Go East, Young Man

    Harvard's anthropological admit
      September 1969: I got on a plane in Boise and 12 hours later stepped off the MTA at Harvard Square. I'd transferred to Harvard from the College of Idaho--one of 25 transfer students Harvard admitted that year, out of 1,200 applicants.
  • Indicator Species

    Lessons learned from the road
      You can tell a lot about the weather and the economy in Southern Idaho and Utah from the sorts of people migrating by these days.
  • A Father's Day Meditation

    The elk don't fall far from the tree
      "Get your gun," my father said. "Those sons-of-bitches are flying elk."
  • John Rember Remembering a Year with No Snow

    And other inversion diversions
      "It was a world beautiful and freaky, and I would have stayed in it longer if I had been less sore and battered."
  • All the Young Dudes

    'Tis a Wise Child Who Knows His Own Father
      These guys have the morality of Charles Darwin, who suggested the future belongs to the fleet, the smart, the horny and the ruthless.
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  • Same As It Ever Was

    And other New Year's predictions
      In Idaho, police departments will be inundated with repatriated military equipment, including A-10 Warthogs, land mines, CS gas, cluster bombs, Abrams battle tanks and depleted uranium ammunition.
  • Altered Ego

    What's up to you isn't always you
      There's nothing that creates a sense of tragedy in 30-year-old ex-high-school football players like a few beers, Halloween and the idea that for one fleeting night, the identity you cherish, the one you wish you could have had forever, could still be yours.
  • If I Knew Then

    Reflections on education past
      All of those teachers, good and bad, were struggling in jobs that paid little and demanded long hours, tedious faculty meetings and forced re-education in hot summer classrooms at Idaho State. I believe that even the bad ones had gone into the profession in order to help people, but they had entered into a system that was--and is--hard on free human intelligence.
  • Lying Down with Fleas

    Getting up with dogs
      We live in a typical dying empire.
  • A Short Meditation

    On long beach books
      "It's the season for beach books, which famously ignore psychological depth."
  • Behold the Man

    Xmas cheer, etc., etc.
  • Whistling Past the Graveyard

    Morale exercises and other pitfalls
      The Sun Valley Summer Symphony is having its season again. Julie and I have begun our pilgrimages over Galena Summit to its concerts.
  • Heisenberg's Legacy

    We neither confirm nor deny
      "The Uncertainty Principle has become an out-of-control metaphor that has permeated humanity's thinking to the point that all knowledge has become suspect, all data has become conditional."
  • Committee Hallucinations

    The impossibility of history
      I was there. I had personal stories.
  • Rites of Passage

    Defining our own mile markers
      We live in a culture where rites of passage have lost meaning and permanence.
  • Ah, Wilderness

    Were paradise enow
      "Any wild area that comes to its attention suffers through the wear and tear of a human population explosion. That's the reason the White Clouds and the Boulders, as non-wilderness, have been less trampled than the Sawtooths, which have been a wilderness since 1972."
  • The Wretched Excess Birthday Tour

    Freud goes on vacation
      Freud says that the unconscious death instinct, evident in our aggression toward each other and ourselves, makes most people hate the government and the civilization it represents.
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  • End of Empire Psychosis

    When cognitive dissonance just won't do the job
      Psychologists have a term--cognitive dissonance--for what happens when the real world doesn't match up with your beliefs about it.
  • How the Police Lost Idaho

    A short news item from 2018
      The first indication of trouble was when the Boise Police Department tried to give the Lockheed F-35 back.


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