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  • Super Scrabble

    Double the letters, double the fun
      Scrabble has a loyal following. There are books about Scrabble players (see Word Freak) and the Official Scrabble Dictionary has been through at least four editions. This is not to suggest that devotion to a board game is normal, only that Scrabble Fans (like me) are in good-or at least extensive-company.

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  • The ESP Game

      How great would it to be psychic, to have the power of extra sensory perception? We're talking about reading minds, predicting the future, moving objects with our brain. We all have those moments where we know someone is going to call ... and they do. How about feelings of deja-vu? That's psychic stuff, right?
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  • Moose

    The drinking game of champs (and drunks)
      There are as many variations of drinking games relying on quarters as there are clovers in Ireland, so if you're on a budget and staying home this St. Patty's Day, the following game of Moose should simulate a wild night out.
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