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  • Megawhat?

    How many homes can you power with a single megawatt?
      "In another life, I was a business reporter, and one of my beats was energy. When writing those stories, I almost always used the handy formula 1 MW = 1,000 homes."
  • Joe Namath for President!

    Hyperbaric hindsight
      "I believe Joe when he says he wouldn't do it again if he knew now what he knew then, which is why the Republicans will nominate him for president this July in riot-torn Baltimore, Md."
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  • Will the Next 9/11 Arrive Via Drone?

    Aggressive drone wars set a dangerous precedent
      You know the pattern. We escalate the arms race with some new gadget to kill and maim more efficiently, then we deploy brute economic and military force to keep those new weapons to ourselves for as long as possible.
  • If I'm So Old, Why Am I Feeling So Good?

    Human extinction in the best of times
      My father, unlike many men, became kinder and smarter as he aged. During his last decade, he gave me a vision of old age that was benign, courageous and reconciled to mortality.
  • Charities Are For Suckers

    Leave Katrina relief efforts to government
      Hurricane Katrina has prompted Americans to donate more than $700 million to charity, reports the Chronicle of Philanthropy. So many suckers, so little foresight.
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  • Attention smokers

      Get off of your butts and stop talking the talk, if you are unwilling to put your money where your mouths are, or in this case where your butts are-and I don't just mean the ones you sit on.
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  • Earth Day, Cars and Cigars

      It seems that Earth Day went virtually unnoticed, and unobserved, by most Americans including me. As with most, I read about Earth Day and all the events but chose not to participate.
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  • Annual Manual, Meet the Big LeBoise

      This is a big week for us. And I'm not going to sugarcoat it and say that it's been easy getting here.
  • This Trump Thing

    Creature from the black lampoon
      For all of those bewildered souls who watch the Trump thing on their television sets, shake their heads and mutter to themselves in horror How can this be happening?... I believe I have the answer.
  • It's the skepticism, stupid

    How the media can restore credibility
      Judith Miller, the mousy Bush administration propaganda mouthpiece forced to retire from The New York Times last week, is hardly an anomaly. American journalism is contaminated by widespread institutional corruption.
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  • The "Santa Threat"

      As the current economic recovery hasn't yet "trickled down" to my middle-class saving-account, Christmas, once again, will be a little lean. It may be the perfect Christmas to teach the Spawn a valuable lesson in life, though. Although I recall my own father threatening my brother and me with the "Santa threat" of him bringing nothing but coal for Christmas for a period of years in my youth, I don't ever recall him carrying through with it.
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  • Obama Doesn't Get It

    He doesn't care about the economy
      Every now and then, however, a pol behaves so irrationally that I have to ask: What the hell is this guy thinking?
  • Bill Cope: Randem Thinkings

    Guess what!--Mulletboy's gonna be a lawyor
      Rip told me about this what they call a "four profit" law collige over in Boise what'll probably let us in. He says "It's call Accordian Law School or something like that and they don't worry about things like bum GEDs or crappy GPAs or what they call a ABA or none of that stuff, not as long as we got the money to go, which we can borrow off that Sally May gal as soon as we get accepted somewheres."
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  • Mountain Socialism

    Part One
      When there's talk of socialism, there oughta be at least one socialist in the conversation. And as it happens, I know one.


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