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  • Megawhat?

    How many homes can you power with a single megawatt?
      "In another life, I was a business reporter, and one of my beats was energy. When writing those stories, I almost always used the handy formula 1 MW = 1,000 homes."
  • 'Historic' Horse Race Gambling Is a Go at Les Bois Park

      Treasure Valley Racing, which operates Les Bois Park in Garden City, is anxious to install the machines, saying they would hemorrhage money, and possibly shut down the live racing operations, if they weren't able to pursue the generous revenues expected from historical racing machines.
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  • Will the Next 9/11 Arrive Via Drone?

    Aggressive drone wars set a dangerous precedent
      You know the pattern. We escalate the arms race with some new gadget to kill and maim more efficiently, then we deploy brute economic and military force to keep those new weapons to ourselves for as long as possible.
  • Dr. Adria David and Valerie Uhlorn
  • Dr. Adria David and Valerie Uhlorn

    Back to school, their own educational roots and the 'boo-hoo, yahoo room'
      "We have a separate room, the "boo-hoo, yahoo" room," and about 15 minutes after kindergarten starts, we have to start moving the parents out. So, we say, let's head to "boo-hoo, yahoo" where there's coffee and donuts. At some point, we have to start celebrating."
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  • Boy Scouts to Welcome Gay Members Starting January 1

    The Boy Scouts of America will begin accepting openly gay members on Jan. 1.
      Some 70 percent of scout units are sponsored by religious organizations. But BSA executives are hoping the policy change will be no big deal.
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