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  • The Choking Game

      We normally have a little fun with this column but this game is no laughing manner. The Choking Game (also known as the Pass-Out Game, the Fainting Game, the Tingling Game and the Something Dreaming Game) has allegedly been the cause of death for two Idaho kids this past year, one a 10-year-old boy in Island Park and the other a 13-year-old girl in Nampa.
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  • Let's Play Chess

      Editor's Note: Every week this column will feature a game, be it chess, card games, board games, new games, old games or video games. If you have a suggestion to what we should cover or if you have a personal favorite, please e-mail and we'll see what we can do. The first issue every month will feature Dick Vandenburg's chess column "Let's Play Chess!"Let's Play Chess!
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  • Pong #1 ... again!

    A classic makes a comeback
      Surprising everyone, Pong, the original video game, has made a comeback on CompUSA's top 10 video game list and has secured the number one position for an unbelievable eight weeks in a row. On, it has been number one for seven weeks and on MSN's Game-O-Rama Poll, it has been in the top spot since before Christmas.
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  • The ESP Game

      How great would it to be psychic, to have the power of extra sensory perception? We're talking about reading minds, predicting the future, moving objects with our brain. We all have those moments where we know someone is going to call ... and they do. How about feelings of deja-vu? That's psychic stuff, right?
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  • Overidentification

    The watcher becomes the watched
      This may not sound like much of a game at first, but sit with any diehard tennis fan during the U.S. Open this week, and you'll know exactly what I mean. The one-on-one format, the extreme close-ups, the grunting--it all adds up to a sport where spectators project more of their own emotions onto the players than any other ... except maybe golf (but due to the slim number of camera-ready Maria Sharapovas and Andy Roddicks in golf, the choice for TV watchers this time of year is pretty clear).
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