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  • Protofascism Comes

    The rise of the Tea Party
      Yes. The Tea Party is racist. But racism is only one facet of a more sinister political strain: a protofascist movement.
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  • Mr. Obama: Resign Now

    With Democrats like him, who needs dictators?
      Obama is useless. Worse than that, he's dangerous.
  • Powerless No More

    The left's case for boycotting Obama in November
      Had Obama wanted, he could have governed to the left. Far to the left.
  • The Haitian Earthquake

    Why the blood is on our hands
      Earthquakes are random, but in Haiti, don't blame tectonic plates. Ninety-nine percent of the death toll is attributable to poverty.
  • Worse than Japan

    Apocalypse looms in landlocked Central Asia
      A flood that will make the current disaster in Japan look tiny by comparison is becoming increasingly likely. And it will be mostly our fault.
  • The Evil of Two Lessers

    Two-party system is not democracy
      Really, we should get rid of this phony two-party democracy. And we will, but in the meantime, we ought to ignore it.
  • Osama's Victory

    United States gave Bin Laden his martyrdom
      Thanks to Navy Seals, his status as a martyr is assured.
  • American Select

    Wall Street-backed third party flogs fake democracy
      Another phony Astroturf movement (hello, Tea Party) financed by hedge-fund scum.
  • Obama Doesn't Get It

    He doesn't care about the economy
      Every now and then, however, a pol behaves so irrationally that I have to ask: What the hell is this guy thinking?
  • GOP's Election Bet

    Voters focus on spending at just the wrong time
      Among the few political geeks who understand what's going on, much less have an opinion, the tide is allegedly turning in favor of Obama because he's willing to compromise and the Tea Party-led GOP isn't.
  • The Occupiers' Choice

    Will the Occupiers choose violence or failure?
      "Revolutions are mostly nonviolent. But violence must always part be of the toolkit."
  • Phony Budget Crisis

    Forget austerity. Tax the rich.
      Politicians and pundits from both parties tell us that the good times are over and that we've got to start living within our means. It's a lie.
  • Digital Totalitarianism

    The conspiracy to abolish cash
      Those who want to do away with liquid currency are stepping out of the shadows, talking about increased efficiency and profit potential, but their real agenda is nothing less than enslavement of the human race.
  • You're Leftists!

    Time for progressives to reclaim populism
      The Tea Party doesn't have a platform. Which makes sense, since it isn't a party.
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  • America Sneezes

    Failure on H1N1 highlights a bigger crisis
      A country with a strong, well-run government would order employers to give all employees with flu-like symptoms paid time off from work.
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  • We Learned Nothing

    Americans still stupid and vulnerable
      The collective attention of the nation was finally focused on problems that had gone neglected for many years. 9/11 was a chance to get smart--but we blew it.
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  • Revolution Vs. Reform

    The rift within Occupy
      I think the United States is both unreformable and irredeemable.
  • Brave New Book

    Political scientist argues this is a police state
      A hundred pages in, you'll either be stuffing rags into Molotov cocktails or slitting your wrists.


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