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  • The Case For A National Recall Election

    Why wait three years for our next president?
      By August 2003, California Governor Gray Davis' approval rating had plunged to 22 percent. Two months later, he lost a special recall election. Now it's George W. Bush's turn to take a drubbing. The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll finds that only 37 percent of Americans think he's doing a good job, a record low for him and a dangerous drop below the historical benchmark of 40 percent.
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  • Bigger Than Watergate

    Bush-Cheney traitors deserve prison, impeachment
      To weigh the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame against historical standards, consider that no leader of the Soviet Union--including that master of ruthlessness, Josef Stalin--ever arranged for the name of a KGB operative to appear in a newspaper. Adolf Hitler had countless millions murdered, yet getting at a political enemy by endangering agents of the Sicherheitsdienst, the Nazi intelligence service, didn't cross his mind. In this respect, not even the worst tyrants have stooped to the level of George W. Bush.
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  • A Big, Easy Solution

    An emergency evacuation plan for all America
      Dear George,
      I have an honest and sincere request to make of you. I would understand fully if you didn't give me the courtesy of a response since, as you must know, I have written some awfully harsh things about you in the past. On second thought, you probably don't know, seeing as how those harsh things have all appeared in a newspaper. And the way I hear it, you pay less attention to newspapers than you do to weather reports.
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  • August 24, 2005

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