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  • Work in the Gap

    Workers find wages don't measure up
      Nicole Cole counts five boxes of Gain laundry detergent among her blessings. She figures the two large and three small boxes of donated soap should get her family of five through at least a couple months of laundry. That's a couple of months she won't worry whether she and her husband can stretch his Wal-Mart paycheck far enough to cover clean clothes.
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  • Revenge of the One-Minute Clock-Out

    Wal-Mart's shady labor practices get an Idaho face
      Accusations of Wal-Mart's unfair labor practices have shown up in Idaho. Paul Echohawk of Echohawk Law Offices in Pocatello has filed a $7 million civil complaint against Wal-Mart in Idaho Federal District Court, demanding resolution of current and past Wal-Mart hourly employees' wages that, he says, have gone unpaid.
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  • Wal-Mart Sent Back to School

    Teacher's groups issue store failing grades, urging shoppers to buy school supplies elsewhere
      Union members, teachers and community leaders gathered in 34 cities in 24 states this month to protest the labor practices of the world's largest retail merchant and largest employer, Wal-Mart.
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  • Wal-Mart Has No Plan B

    Megastore's policy complicates pursuit of new markets
      The political battle over the "morning after pill" is raging, with proposed legislation in 15 states that would protect a pharmacist's right to refuse to fill prescriptions on "moral" grounds. Wal-Mart has already laid down its own law. America's largest retailer and one of its largest pharmacies doesn't stock emergency contraception at all.
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  • The Independents Day Issue

    Celebrating those who fight against a homogeneous world
      Independence. What does it mean? It means separate and apart from-not the same. In America, we are seeing less and less of it. As every new look-alike subdivision gets built, a cookie-cutter set of businesses establish themselves on the high-traffic intersections; chain gas stations, chain fast food, chain coffee shops, chain upscale dining, chain retail ... it's all the same. Travel to any other city in America and look in the sections of town that have been built in the last 10 years and you'll be hard pressed to tell if you are in Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta or Richmond.
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