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  • Terrorist Free

      Sometimes I think the terrorists have succeeded in doing what they intended to do. We can't turn around without someone screaming that the sky is falling. A few weeks ago, a geocache was mistaken for a bomb on the Rainbow Bridge north of Smith's Ferry blocking traffic for hours while bomb squads investigated. Last year, harmless flour used to mark a trail for a Monday night Hash House Harriers run was mistaken for--you guessed it--anthrax. This week, an entire terminal in San Diego's airport was cleared because an X-ray screener mistook a child's toy and cookie for bomb making parts.
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  • Sacrifice? Count Me Out

    If you supported the war, pay for it
      "If America is truly on a war footing," Thom Shanker asks in the New York Times, "why is so little sacrifice asked of the nation at large?" Military recruiters are coming up short of volunteers, yet neither party is pushing for a draft. No one is proposing a tax increase to cover the $60 billion annual cost of the Iraq and Afghan wars. There are no World War II-style war bond drives, no victory gardens, not even gas rationing. Back here in the fatherland, only "support our troops" car ribbons indicate that we're at war-and they aren't even bumper stickers, they're magnetic. Apparently Americans aren't even willing to sacrifice the finish on their automobiles to promote the cause.
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