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Comment Archives: stories: Opinion: Guest Opinions

Re: “Bikes Vs. Cars

I can only imagine how much positive impact this condescending smarm will have on the state of car-bike relations in Boise. Nice one. Way to alienate all sides of the argument. And fixed gears are great bikes, the purest expression of the machine in my opinion. While you (wasn't that you on that tiki bar bike kit thing?) just come off as a grumpy old hater cursing those damn kids. Peace.

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Posted by CRH on 07/09/2009 at 7:36 PM

Re: “Will the Circle be Unbroken?

Please please please keep following this story. This is wasteful government spending at it's worst. The roundabout is not needed or wanted by the neighborhood...residential or commercial. It's simply unbelievable that the most recent proposal contains a signalized roundabout! What in the world??? It is my understanding that the initial intention of the roundabout was to slow traffic as it entered the Warm Springs historical district. How about a speed bump or a flashing yellow light? If the "foremost American authority on roundabouts" thinks this is a bad idea, why isn't the ACHD listening? Lots of money and headaches for taxpayers...all because the funds have already been earmarked? That's like marrying someone you don't like because the cake has been paid for! Why fix something that isn't broken? Please ACHD, we implore you, GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD OR JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!

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Posted by blueonetoo on 06/30/2009 at 7:43 PM

Re: “Why Minnick said "no" To Earmarks

It is tough to make these kinds of calls, but ultimately we need leaders, not the politicians we see of today, but true leaders with character like Walt Minnick. Walt didn't actually sound like he has a full commitment to this task, I could read some wiggle room in his statement. I know, you can't be too committed to a cause these days when you're in politics, especially if you're elected as a democrat in Idaho. But, the principal is the right one. If a project doesn't make sense as a federal project (i.e.; not a project that serves the union), then it shouldn't be a federal project. This will probably draw hate mail as well, but since when is a park, or a light rail system, or a zoo in Idaho become a project that serves the union? Maybe a National Park or a rail system on the order of a coast-to-coast system, but we all have to get back to reality. Why have we allowed the system to go unchecked? It has grown to its current system because our elected officials are often gauged based on what they brought home to us - yea, you know, they call it pork. Like the air terminal going up right now... that's right, the only reason its getting built is because we screamed bloody murder. Sure, it's good for us, but aren't we then the problem?

Posted by Scott Nicholson on 04/18/2009 at 5:49 PM

Re: “No Longer a Single-Issue Voter

This article gives me hope that being evangelical pro-life christian identifying does not have to mean that you can't reason the issues out and come to a conclusion that makes sense.... Thanks to you for the writing and for the publishing of it-

Posted by Carol Orshan on 10/29/2008 at 5:10 PM

Re: “Truce in the Grazing Wars

Mr. White spins a good yarn and makes you feel warm and fuzzy, but his facts make no sense. He talks about reducing his carbon footprint, but meat is one of the most energy intensive foods around! Tons of energy is lost when the food and water needs to be run through a cow, and trucked around the country, as opposed to eating lower on the food chain. He talks about wanting to manage water sustainably, but cows are one of the worst sources of water pollution! Whether they are dairy cows in a feedlot, or beef cows out on the public lands, the manure often ends up in the water. And cows on public lands often heavily trample the streambanks, causing large amounts of erosion and warmer water-- death sentences for fish. He talks about improving wildlife habitat for endangered species, but cows are one of the biggest sources of extinction on public lands! They trample and break fragile soil crusts, leave much less grass for wildlife, and degrade water quality. This is not to mention the huge public subsidies handed to public lands ranchers. It costs approximately $1.35 per month to graze a cow and a calf on public land, which is far below market value. We get to pay for all the above-mentioned damage. The earth isn't ready for a truce in the grazing wars.

Posted by Kristin on 08/08/2008 at 10:30 AM

Re: “Searching For Home

Instead of celebrating Israel's birthday, we should be declaring the USA's independence from that parasitic nation. Israel costs us more than $3 billion annually in direct cash payments, and billions more in bribes to Israel's neighbors to try to preserve peace. And don't forget the $1 TRILLION (so far) for the Iraq War, fought solely for Israel's benefit. In return, Israel exports American military technology to China and other rivals of America, and foments armed conflicts in the Middle East which Americans must fight. Antagonizing oil-producing nations and destroying their oilfields makes the price of oil go up. That price has now ruined our economy. Our government's continued obeisance toward Israel, despite the cost to common taxpayers like you and me, is humiliating. Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is monstrous. To most of the world, it looks like ethnic cleansing. Perhaps you don't like Arabs, but do you want to bankrupt yourself for three generations to finance a genocide against them? Now the Israel lobby is pressing us to attack Iran. Iran does not pose a threat to the USA, nor even to Israel, which has hundreds nuclear weapons in its arsenal.

Posted by Paul White on 07/20/2008 at 1:53 PM

Re: “Searching For Home

It has been said that if you repeat a lie long enough, it will eventually be accepted as truth. I for one think this is what has happened to Marcy Newman, and to anyone who actually believes there is a JEWISH reason for the so-called Palestinian refugee problem. "Palestinian refugees" is a big lie. The so-called "native population" that were "evicted" by the Israelis, were, in 1948, encouraged to leave Israel by Arab leaders, who promised to "purge" Israel of all the Jews. Nothing is said about the Jewish refugees that were forced to flee from Arab lands due to Arab brutality, persecution and pogroms. The truth is that the Arab League keeps the Palestinian refugees issue as a political weapon against Israel. The bottom line is that Israel has a right to the Land, both historically, legally, and most importantly, Biblically. A Jew, above anyone else, should know this, and stop defending the "poor Palestinians". Happy Birthday Israel! In no way is it "the catastrophe"! It is a time for rejoicing! L' Chaim! Am Israel Chai!

Posted by Lynn on 05/16/2008 at 10:01 PM

Re: “Searching For Home

Re: comments by Marcy Newman Again we see Marcy Newman posting in a local venue with her misinformation and skewed “facts” about Israel and the Arabs occupying Jewish land. It makes me wonder why she bothers to write this garbage in a local paper to be read by only a handful in a small town like Boise. Is she trying to convince a handful of people here or is she trying to convince herself of her convoluted reasoning? I also have to wonder about her story of “wandering” into a refugee camp. One is not free to “wander” anywhere in the Arab occupied areas of Israel unless they have a very powerful escort of locals. It is just not safe unless you have some very powerful friends there. As anyone who has a computer can research, since the mid-1800’s when the Jews began returning to their land after some 2000 years and rebuilding their homeland, the Arabs began coming to Israel for work from their historical lands to improve their lives. The Arabs are not native to the Jewish land of Israel. They are the interlopers. Until the Jews began returning there were only a handful of Arabs who even lived in Israel, which was then called the REGION of Palestine and included Trans-Jordan. In that time, Palestinians were anyone who lived in the region of Palestine, especially Jews. The Arabs occupying Jewish land have had numerous opportunities to build a viable society for themselves and have failed to do so. The latest opportunity was when Israel turned over the historically Jewish land of Gaza to the Arabs which included beautiful farms, municipal buildings, schools and homes and what did they do, they destroyed almost everything there. All of the infrastructure was in place for them to come out of the U.N. “refugee camps” and move in. The next thing they did was to elect a stronger Arab terrorist force, Hamas, to run the government. Repeated polls show some 75% of the Arabs in these refugee camps want to continue killing Jews. These Arabs in the “refugee camps” are the most heavily funded people in history. Especially since 1993, hundreds of billions of dollars have been paid to them to “better their lives”. One can see where most of the money has gone by looking on the hills overlooking these “refugee camps” and see luxurious Arab villas with all the amenities. Instead of blaming the Jews the Arabs should be blaming their own corrupt government leaders. Besides all the money that is poured in the area,every week, hundreds of semi-trucks of food and necessities for living are transferred to them from Israel. Israel supplies most of their electricity and water. Israel provides medical supplies on a weekly basis and hundreds of Arabs are treated for medical problems in Israel each year. What does Israel get in return, thousands of daily rockets hitting their communities sent as a “thank you” from Marcy Newman’s friends. Do you hear “war crimes” or “nakba” by the world for this outrage? The answer to the conflict is not the return of the Arabs who left willingly or were told to do so by the Arab League in 1948. The answer to the conflict is to replace the corrupt terrorist regime that rules in the Arab areas. It is to replace the school curriculum that teaches hatred and lies about the Jews and the West to all their kids beginning in kindergarten. It is for people like Marcy Newman to stop writing these blogs full of hatred and misinformation so people can learn the truth about the conflict. Happy 3060th birthday Israel. May you live long and prosper.

Posted by Bob Hathaway on 05/16/2008 at 8:12 PM

Re: “Searching For Home

There have been miracles in this world, and Israel is one of those. With the entire Arab world out to crush, annihilate, murder, bomb, behead, all Jews.... God's Israel still exists.... much to the chagrin of many! Israel is and has been the ONLY democracy, by Rule of Law (even for enemies) all along. They provide water, sewer, hospital care, and much more for (even) those who hate them and try to kill them..... you would think that the Arab and Palestinian idiots would recognize a good thing.... no way!!! They teach their smallest children to lie, hate, steal, murder and kill (even today) in the name of Allah..... the Religion of Peace? I am saddened by what I see over there! but I do NOT feel sorry for the Palestinians at all! They could have had Peace long ago if that was what they wanted.... they didn't.... they wanted genocide of the Jewish race no matter what it cost..... it cost them a lot and still does. Israel is a premier nation of amazing science, religion, and agriculture, while the Hammas idiots that are firing missles at Israel are less than a 3rd world country caused by their own evil!

Posted by Gary L. Iverson, Sr. on 05/16/2008 at 7:13 PM

Re: “Searching For Home

I always cringe when I see Marcy Newman's name. I know it will be something against Jews, even though she is Jewish. In her article on Palestinian refugee camps, she does not discuss the equal transfer of peoples from Arab countries to Israel in 1948, as Jews were thrown out with no possessions, losing their homes, businesses and money. They had a hard time making it in a new country as refugees. No one has ever asked them to go back and mourn over the businesses, lands, communities they lost. No one cares about their losses, frankly. Also, as to raw sewage, Israel has installed fresh drinking water and sewer pipe repeatedly in all refugee camps in their jurisdiction. The PLO types always tear them up within a week--sewage works so much better to stir up international sympathizers such as Marcy Newman. Third, as she well knows, the UN offered a two-state solution as Israel was formed in 1948. Israel accepted this deal. It was 5 Arab countries who rejected that and wanted ALL of Israel for their people. So don't cry on my shoulder, Palestinians. Talk to your Arab leaders who refuse to grant citizenship to your people in any of their countries, who refuse to settle your people elsewhere and keep you in poverty for their own reasons, mainly to keep the terrorist element focussed on Israel instead of the corrupt, totalitarian Arab governments.

Posted by Isabel on 05/16/2008 at 1:21 PM

Re: “Leave Us Kids Alone

As a 1964 Boise High grad and a 1970 U of I grad my response to your rant against anti-youth is -- "Right on, Dude!" It took the establishment a long time to figure out that elinminating the draft would shut up us self serving boomers. But the best reason for self serving boomer progressives to support Barack is that he has coat tails in Idaho & Clinton doesn't. I know stanch Republicans who are so fed up with the Bush/Cheney maffia that they are considering an Obama vote. Maybe we can get a LaRocco or Minnick in there along with Barack.

Posted by Tom Faull on 04/05/2008 at 4:32 PM

Re: “Leave Us Kids Alone

Excellent rebuttal. However, I wonder how you define evil. If you consider their Republican leader, George W. Bush, is responsible for the estimated death of upwards to 1 million innocent Iraqi citizens in his preemptive, immoral war........

Posted by Larry Polsky on 04/02/2008 at 6:50 PM

Re: “A Too-True Wolf Tale

It's an appropriate time for this to appear, what with Idaho ready to pass the "Idaho Wolf Management Plan." Interesting note; the name was changed from the "Idaho Wolf Harvest Plan." It mentions possible use of poison, traps an aerial gunning to wipe out 70 percent or more of Idaho's present wolf population. While Idaho conservation groups took part in a "stakeholder" group run by the Idaho Fish and Game, neither the Idaho Conservation League nor Defenders of Wildlife accept the current plan. You can comment against the Idaho Wolf "Management" plan, and view information as to why delisting is currently a bad idea, at -RIck Hobson Boise

Posted by Rick Hobson on 12/01/2007 at 12:54 PM

Re: “What If They Were Gay?

All I have to say i8s, Thank You for writing this. It is so hard for me to see people judging others like they do homosexuals. They dont get treated nearly as fairly as they should. Honestly, we ARE all God's children. In my opinon, God doesnt make mistakes. Why is everyone so hell-bent on putting down people's rights to love who they want, even if it IS someone of the same sex? The fact that this state is like that is part of the reason i really want to get out of here and go somewhere where people are actually concerned about their fellow man for reasons other than the fact that that man is their football star.

Posted by Dianna on 08/11/2007 at 12:54 AM

Re: “Plan B Access Important First Step

Government has no place dictating a woman's body and lifestyle decisions.

Posted by carla on 01/23/2007 at 12:30 PM

Re: “The Global Capitalist Menace

ROBERT REICH got it about right in his guest opinion titled “The Global Capitalist Menace” In the high school class year of ‘73/74 at Boise High I went and did my duty in registering for the draft on my 18th birthday during the Vietnam War, and to this day Richard Nixon is my hero. He basically said to the right wingers in his party “to hell with it” and got us out of Vietnam and ended the war and the draft that year, saving my ass and a few others at least. Once civil war, or maybe a lesser term such as civil distress, overcomes a country just liberated from totalitarianism and overtakes the military expedition that liberated it, it becomes time to step back and let things work out for themselves. Guess what? A generation later Vietnam is now knocking on our door and asking for trade agreements and is willing to reform it’s human rights stances to become a more acceptable trading partner (like human rights are important to money hungry Republicans). The one part of Bush’s visit to Vietnam that disturbed me was when in a joint press conference he said in front of his Vietnamese counterparts something to the effect that “the Americans should never have given up in Vietnam”. What an idiot. My seven year old daughter said I shouldn't be calling the president names to which I retorted “I'm not calling him names, I'm identifying the facts”.

Posted by Eric P. Nielsen on 12/06/2006 at 6:36 PM

Re: “Response to Bill Cope by Andy Hedden-Nicely

“You can call the Republicans all the names you want, but one thing you can't say about them or the United Party for that matter, is that we are afraid to say what we think and take the consequences”. So Andy, you're saying that the Republicans and the United Party are afraid to say what they think? So what's the point of the United Party if they're afraid to say what they think? Is this another one of them Republican secretive third party's out to humiliate the Democratic Party?

Posted by Don Benedetto on 07/05/2006 at 12:43 PM

Re: “Why I'm no longer a Republican

WB40: I wasn't a "Yeller Dog" Democrat before Dubya. Nuff said.

Posted by Dave on 07/02/2006 at 9:15 AM

Re: “Why I'm no longer a Republican

Need to add Bill Sali to the list. I find it funny that Sharon Ulman ran for Ada County Commissioner as a Democrat or Independant, I can't remember which, and lost then ran as a republican with the same political views and won. It seems republicans are of the mindset that a vote for anyone other than a republican is a vote against God and that they'll have to answer for it in the afterlife. Republicans know where their powerbase is; corporations and God

Posted by Robert Phelps on 05/30/2006 at 2:35 AM

Re: “Why I'm no longer a Republican

hey WB, as an independant i prefer to vote for the canidate that i think will represent me best. the big "R" or "D" are there for the sheep. i'd actualy like to see a coaltion goverment were the minority parties and views are at least considered. the two party system has lead to the biggest decline in the state of the union. tell me goverment is getting better and life is getting better here in the good old USA and, like most people, i'll laugh in your face.

Posted by Eric P. Nielsen on 04/07/2006 at 9:18 PM

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