• Joshua Olson
  • Illustration/Linocut print on paper.
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  • Jan 5-11, 2005
  • Vol. 13, No. 27


  • FICTION 101
  • FICTION 101

    Every year, Boise Weekly calls for entries for our Fiction 101 contest, and once again, area writers heeded the call. From a didactic deluge of over 150 101-word entries, the BW judges--Amy Atkins, Bingo Barnes, Nick Collias, Leila Ramella, Erin Ryan and Cynthia Sewell--chose 16 winners: four top finishers determined by consensus and individual judges' picks of their favorite works. Many of the entries carried dark themes like death depression and suicide, filling us with a certain malaise, a kind of literary shock and awe. Still, a kind of wistful hope came through in many of the pieces ... and we were heartened not only by these messages, but the quality of local wordies.



  • Lim's Specialty House
  • Lim's Specialty House

    There is something undeniably attractive about playing hard to get. Aloofness tends to elevate the object of attention above those who seek it. Lim's could care less about getting you in the door, but make an effort to try this place and you'll discover more than just the seductive aura of indifference.
  • Lim's Specialty House
  • Lim's Specialty House

    Let me start by saying that all restaurants are not created equal. High-end restaurants serve high-end food, and low-end restaurants sort of hover between good-bad and bad-bad. Harsh, I know, but certain places are consistent in look, taste and price, and you can't really judge them for delivering exactly what they advertise.





  • Puerto Vallarta

    While I love to take vacations and visit far off places, opposingly, I hate the process of getting there. If there's one time of year when a travel-hater like me shouldn't travel is the Christmas holidays. But travel we did, making our way first through Mexican immigration then returning through the American equivalent and customs.

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