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Just old enough not to care too much about offending anyone over anything that means something to anyone anymore. Where are all the people who used to stand up and say they stood for something? Have the voices of common consent and decency been silenced? When did we give up being the voice for justice and become the silence of the masses. The only way to defeat a majority is to convince them that it doesn't mean anything to actually have the majority voice. You matter; you may be the last hope for a cause that is just barely hanging in there waiting for you to arrive. There are no limits to what you can do or achieve when it doesn't matter who gets the credit or the fame. But for heaven’s sake, get up and use your voice before it's too late and you die (or turn 55) and you can't anymore. Study issues out and weigh them on their own merits. Don't be swayed by the popular media opinion, decide on your own and get behind something you believe in. Mine is getting you to follow your heart. Be the Voice! Because if you don't, you won't ever be able to say, “I stand for something I truly believe in". And mean it. It's what the John Q Public Society is all about. You are now a member. Congratulations!!! (The photo is my Great Grand Uncle Albert Jacob Luckenbach. He is the one Luckenbach and Albert Texas were named after. The only two towns offered on EBAY)


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