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Re: “When Tears are Right

I don't believe in turning the other cheek. I believe in destroying those who attack us.

That said, the farce of retribution brought first by Bush and now by O-Bomb-Ya is obscene.

We could have dispatched our black ops teams to locate and take out bin Laden. We could have gotten the intel right on Iraq. We didn't have to kill 100,000+ civilians, overthrow governments, kill thousands of our military personnel and maim and mentally wound hundreds of thousands more. We didn't have to respond by gutting our own civil liberties. We were attacked by 3d-world camel jockeys with BOX CUTTERS. Had not our government disarmed pilots and told Americans not to fight back, 9/11 could not have happened. Had Americans been allowed to fly ARMED, no hijacking would have been possible.

Yes, bin Laden succeeded beyond his wildest dreams - but he also failed spectacularly. Bin Laden had studied the US, and in the wake of the Cole attack, multiple attacks on our embassies, and other attacks around the world, he was convinced that an attack on the WTC would cow America and make it flee the middle east as we did after the Beruit attack that left 241 marines dead. Bin Laden miscalculated, and hundreds of thousands of middle-east civilians and multiple governments paid the price.

But we have also paid a huge price - too great a price. Our economy is on the verge of collapse. Our government is a police state. Our dwindling freedoms have never been in greater jeopardy. And America has lost its joie de vivre.

We need to reclaim America for Americans. Enough paranoia. Enough with cops who dress up and act like gestapo at every opportunity to show "security". The people who attacked us are dead and it's unlikely we'll ever be caught so unaware again. It is enough. I want my Country back.

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Posted by BambiB on 09/11/2013 at 9:48 PM

Re: “BPD Chief Talks Guns on Campus

Oh, and Chief? Just because YOU have only seen two incidents of citizen self-defense with a firearm doesn't suggest that the event is infrequent. It happens over 2 million times a year in this country. Most of the time the mere display of a firearm puts an end to an attack, attempted murder, rape, robbery or other crime. Disarm the victims (your approach) simply means more successful criminals. (Some chiefs are okay with that because they hope it will bring them bigger "crime fighting" budgets.)

Anecdotal evidence of the personal experience of the Chief of Police regarding citizens self-defense is a poor indicator of what happens when cops are not around... which, if you're not the chief of police, or one of his employees, is almost always. Try looking up the statistics, and get the big picture.

There are over 30 universities in this Country that allow CCP holders to carry on campus. Do you know what their experience is? If not - you're just ignorant of the facts - which is excusable so long as you make the effort to upgrade your knowledge. If you don't... well, that's just stupid.

Posted by BambiB on 03/05/2011 at 10:51 AM

Re: “BPD Chief Talks Guns on Campus

The "Only Ones" (see ) are always opposed to ordinary citizens having the means to defend themselves. And they're always wrong.

Let's spell this out in very clear terms: Chief Masterson, if someone like Cho at Virginia Tech were to decide to go on a rampage at Boise State, how long would it take your officers to respond, and how many people would die waiting for them to show up?

At Virginia Tech, Cho killed 30 people in the nine minutes it took police to respond - and they didn't have to come all the way from the police station. Police were already on campus investigating his first two murders of the day when the call came in. Can you guarantee that your officers will be on the scene in less than a minute?

If not, then you are setting people up to be murdered. Sure, it's no skin off your nose if someone else gets killed. But to make you appreciate what you're suggesting, maybe we should change the laws to prohibit police officers from carrying firearms. Then, if a situation arises when the disarmed officers in the field need armed assistance, they could do what you are suggesting students and faculty do now: Call the police department and wait. Armed backup could then be dispatched.

Considering that concealed carry permit holders are statistically less likely to commit a felony than are police, and the fact that police are generally SIX TIMES more likely to shoot the WRONG person at the scene of a crime than are armed citizens, perhaps you should turn in your gun and follow your recommendations for "ordinary" citizens.

When you need armed support just phone it in - wait - maybe pray - and probably die.

Posted by BambiB on 03/05/2011 at 10:42 AM

Re: “No Pizza for Open Carry Gun Families

Oh yeah. You want to know the REAL problem in Idaho (with regard to gun rights)?

Too many Kalifornicators.

Those B*st*rds have fouled their own nest, and now that Kalifornia is overrun with illegals, bankrupt and a cesspool of rampant crime and decay because of policies THEY voted for, they've moved to Idaho and want to apply their "progressive" agenda to OUR free state.

Don't let them.

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Posted by BambiB on 10/08/2009 at 4:18 PM

Re: “No Pizza for Open Carry Gun Families

The anti-gun folks just don't get it.

They may be surrounded by guns, day in and day out. They're safer for it, because bad guys don't know who is armed and who is not. Open carry makes it even more clear to bad guys - some law-abiding citizens ARE DEFINITELY armed.

If you're one of the anti-gun types, show your true convictions. Post a sign on your door saying, "I am not armed. I cannot defend myself with deadly force if you decide to rob, rape, torture or murder me or my wife/husband/children." Be sure to put a similar sign on your purse, or briefcase... a bumper sticker on your car.

If you still feel the same way (that guns don't do any good) at the end of two years, make your case. Until then, you are enjoying the BENEFITS of those exercising the RIGHT you want to take away!

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Posted by BambiB on 10/08/2009 at 4:14 PM

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