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Re: “Big Bird's Burgers

*ARTLE* Your excuse for jumping all over Nickshoe is ridiculous. EVERYONE posting comments to this review has an "Agenda"! I have an agenda: to defend a great business, to stand up for all christians whos rights keep getting trampled, and to try and get people to go to BB and try the food for themselves. There is that DISCLOSURE enough for you!!! And by your terms your argument is nullified because it is obvious to anyone reading your posts that YOU have an agenda as well. You have a grudge against Nickshoe which is apparent and you have a grudge against the Pursuit which is apparent. So how is it that Nickshoe is being dishonest by not disclosing he is a memeber of the church and a friend of the owners, when you yourself did not disclose in the very begining that you were an ex member of the church and obvious ex friend of Nickshoe??? Does that have anything to do with taste buds? Nooo, because no matter how good of friends you are with someone, if their food sucks that bad you wouldn't eat there no matter what.

You yourself ARTLE have an agenda to take a stab at the church that Nichshoe attends and you are using this as your platform. Fine, that's your right but pleeeaaase don't pretend that you are so high and mighty and above Nickshoe, and so rightous in what YOU are saying. Don't be a hypocrite.

Posted by kap on 01/23/2010 at 3:28 PM

Re: “Big Bird's Burgers

Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm had an awsome lunch at ............Yep you guessed it Big Bird's! Wonderful lunch and what a wonderful atmosphere! And here is the irony, wait for it............. STANDING ROOM ONLY!!!!! The place was packed! WoW there must be a lot of people in this valley who have poor taste, or maybe just one person! For a place that serves, what was it, "hockey pucks" there sure are a lot of people who like those hockey pucks in this valley! I highly recommend Big Birds.

Posted by kap on 01/23/2010 at 2:17 PM

Re: “Big Bird's Burgers

And what is even more hillarious, is if you look at his review for Willi B's, some place downtown, even though they have a specific decor style that may be offensive to some who are not into the whole country thing, he focused on the food. Its 10 paraghraphs and only the fist 2-3 focused on the decor and atmosphere. Can we say bigot, predjudice, narrow minded! Journalism is supposed to be unbiased, truthful, and just the facts!! No wonder why the news and media have sunk to an all time low!

Posted by kap on 01/21/2010 at 11:57 AM

Re: “Big Bird's Burgers

AND just for the record.......... ANY GOOD writer knows that the very first sentence that you write is the most important. It sets the tone, the mood, and informs the reader of what they are going to be reading about. Take a look at his first sentence (the most important one) of this article that is supposed to be a food review. Does anywhere in that first sentence mention food?? Heck no its a bash on the owners beliefs. Remember tone, mood and INFORMS the reader of what they are going to be reading about! Hmmmmmmm...... and the rest of his article followed true to form, it wasn't about food it was about his personal dislike of faith and Jesus.

Posted by kap on 01/21/2010 at 11:46 AM

Re: “Big Bird's Burgers

I'm going to address a couple of peoples comments:

1st~ Tripper: What we are objecting to is the fact that he picked apart their belief, and did not do his job, which was supposed to be a review on the FOOD!!!

2nd~ Marcellus: How is it a sad day in the Treasure Valley because, as you call us, the religious right are expressing our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AND FREEDOMS???? Do you think that liberal, left wing, non-believing people are the only ones allowed to their opinion? If someone was unjustifiably attacking a business that you love and hold dear, would you not voice your displeasure? Would you not defend it? You have those rights, so do we. Just because we are christians does not mean we have no constitutional rights. What angers us is the fact that there was more critiquing of the owners faith and decor then there was of the actual food! How is that a "food review"? Its not. I have eaten at many of Chineese establishments and I do not believe in Buddism. But I ignore the decor in favor of the food, that's what I am there for, is the food not the looks. Which is what Nathaniel seems to have forgotten.

What really gets me is this is becoming a common state in our society today. Christians are not allowed their beliefs, or opinions. We have the liberal left screaming very loudly about tolerance and acceptance, and to let people live how they want, but there is a clause in that. Everyone EXCEPT christians should be allowed tolerance and acceptance. I don't don't recall the constitution saying that only specific groups or people are allowed democracy and freedom, and all christians are excluded from those rights. Its freedom for ALL!!!!!!!! Maybe the liberal left needs to heed their own words: TOLERANCE FOR ALL.

3rd Ralleuc: Read the above comments they apply to you as well. You trying to suppress our voice and our constitutional rights is socialism. You are the socialist not us. Go re-read the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! You have the right to your opinion, we have a right to ours. And saying lets go "tea-bag em" because you don't like what we have to say, well maybe YOU had better move to a place where communism and socialism is the norm, because you would fit right in.

Posted by kap on 01/21/2010 at 10:37 AM

Re: “Big Bird's Burgers

What is even more sad is the anti-religious seem to think that THEY are they ONLY ones who have the constitutional right to express their opinion. As one comment said we are (which I dont see any more) socialist and to "tea-bag" us! WOW~ really???? So the liberal anti~ belief people are the only ones allowed to their opinion. Here's a little tip for all you haters out there~ FREEDOM OF SPEECH BELONGS TO ALL, NOT JUST LIBERALS~ AND IT IS A GOD GIVEN RIGHT, AND EVEN A RIGHT TO CHRISTIANS!!!!! WE have just as much right to express OUR unhappiness about this review as he had the right to print it, unjustified as it is. Now mind you I have never picked up a Boise Weekly due to the fact that it appears to be a very poor and trashy excuse for journalism, and this was forwarded to me. It confirms my opinion of the Boise Weekly. And as far as Nathaniel being a food critic~show me your training in the area. ANY yahoo can CLAIM to be a critic, doesn't mean there is any truth to it. And for the rest of you people who want to shut up christians and people of faith......... Good luck trying, you will never crush our faith and our RIGHT to express it!!!!


Posted by kap on 01/21/2010 at 9:09 AM

Re: “Big Bird's Burgers

Since my comment got erased some how.....................I will start again!
I think that your problem with Big Bird's is that their faith in Christ is apparent! I think that you took immediate offense and used this pathetic "review" as a platform to attack a business simply because you have a different belief system. It was obvious from your very first sentence. The Solts family has NEVER crammed their faith down anyones throat who walks into those doors to enjoy very good food! They are very warm, kind people who make everyone feel welcome and at home! If you are going to be a "food" critic (which I seriously doubt your credintials in that area)then do so, but leave your predjudices at the door, and judge it based on the food not your anti-beliefs. You attack on this business was completely unjustified and you obviously don't know how to judge food.


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Posted by kap on 01/20/2010 at 10:20 AM

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