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Re: “Brick 29 Bistro

The Sunday brunch buffet is beyond amazing and well worth a reservation long in advance for special occasions like mother's day, but also superb everytime we've come. (Often!)

The Brick 29's bacon (unlike any you've ever had) or eggs benedict (real hollandaise!) or crepes or prime rib could all stand alone as feature items, but when layed out as parts of an already belt-loosening buffet, it's sure to rock the will-power of even staunchly portion-conscious fitness fans. All of this combined with an entire lunch section too which I rarely have room for, but which usually offers several meat and/or seafood delectables that would be a superb buffet alone. (And if I wasn't addicted to the bacon, I'd be able to devour and describe more completely.)

The prices are very reasonable and the service has always been excellent. They also have a varied and superb wine selection too. A short 20 minute drive from East Boise makes the Brick 29 a must-visit culinary destination!

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Posted by idahocrystal on 05/11/2011 at 4:00 PM

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Re: “Fishing for Trouble: Vandalism Forces End to Trout Pens in Payette Lake

There always has to be "that guy" - The jerkoff asshat tool who has to trash stuff and ruin it for everyone. Hey folks, friends don't let friends be "that guy"

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Posted by idahocrystal on 07/28/2015 at 12:49 AM

Re: “UPDATE: The Jefferson Street Debate Comes to a Crossroads

Hear that massive sucking sound? That's the sound of over $80 BILLION dollars a year in "non-profit" revenues sucking up more and more tax-exempt property in it's glutinous need to keep expanding.

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Posted by idahocrystal on 06/24/2015 at 3:21 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Idaho House Committee Reverses Votes for Cannabis Oil Bill, Giving Measure Renewed Life

But Figueroa is instead pushing for a separate measure—Idaho Senate Bill 1156—that would allow the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to administer a special program, including trials and oversight of Epidiolex.

Trials and oversight of medications or treatments - Surely there are more qualified and better funded/staffed agencies that would be better able/adept at handling yet another drug trial? It's almost infuriating that this agency seems to be turning this into an appeal for funding. This is the same agency which is so buried in work and so underfunded, that it has cut nearly all services for the elderly, struggles with caseworker workloads, non-existent mental health programs, etc., etc. ad nauseum?

Funny, that violating Federal law didn't seem to bother anyone when it's about the 2nd Amendment, marriage or the ACA, but now it's a "thing"...?

What excuse will they use when marijuana is removed from the schedule 1 list?

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Posted by idahocrystal on 03/30/2015 at 3:49 PM

Re: “Awfully IFFY

On this issue, Mr. Cope is actually right - Sort of. IFF doesn't disclose its funding sources. They are great proponents of corporate profit over environmental responsibility. They also have some valid points in changing tax laws. Mr. Cope's points RE: presidential EO privilege are also very true.
It still amazes me that so many people still believe Obama is the "bringer of all evil" to our country - Rather than just an easy target of conservatives who absolutely refuse to acknowledge that there are 535 people who actually carry far more culpability for the current state of our country. Please stop allowing yourself to be spoon fed information and start WORKING at thinking for yourselves...

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Posted by idahocrystal on 10/14/2014 at 10:33 AM

Re: “Ich Bin Ein BSUer

I'm actually impressed that Mr. Cope can be swayed in any direction other than the one he's already decided is right based on little more than a first impression and his own indigestive rumblings... Maybe there's a little hope for other old white guys? = >

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Posted by idahocrystal on 09/04/2013 at 2:24 PM

Re: “Away with the Whey: Chobani Yogurt Puts Rural Idaho in a Stink

Idaho along with much of the US has been and continues to be short-sighted at best when it comes to producing shtuff, but they never seem to bother with or care about what happens to the waste or byproducts. Just like the "clean" nuclear energy and CAFO's and mines and now the yogurt. Everyone wants the product but they haven't figured out what to do with all the unwanted leftovers. It's no different than the short-sightedness behind GMO science - Create all this wonderful drought and pest-resistant food without any understanding of how it affects it's consumers long-term. Or fracking (or mining) - They spend so much time and money figuring out how to get the stuff out of the ground without fully understanding the consequences.
I don't know if it's impatience or greed or both, but it makes a heck of lot more sense to make these 'producers' wade through (or drown if need be) in miles of red tape and neutral science-based testing than to slap them on the wrists with fines, listen to lawyers and apologies and end up with more super fund sites in Idaho or anywhere else...

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Posted by idahocrystal on 08/14/2013 at 3:05 PM

Re: “CCDC's $1.9 Million Parking Garage Gamble

"In the first year, budget savings ($99,540) and "revenue enhancements" in the form of increased garage use ($98,839), should save a combined $198,379, according to Clark."

Revenue enhancements? Is that what they call the increased traffic they anticipate coming from "enhanced" meter spaces?

It does seem like a pretty obvious connection between this and the City's claim that they want to 'drive' traffic into the parking garages and off the streets? More conflict of interest for the CCDC and City of Boise and it's citizens...

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Posted by idahocrystal on 07/24/2013 at 1:38 PM

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