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Re: “IDFG: Keep an Eye Out for Wolves and Bears

It was reported to hunters....not sure about Ifang.....I'll ask...I know it was behind Silverwood, off of Clagstone, in the subdivision.

Posted by MissBhavin on 09/11/2014 at 2:17 PM

Re: “IDFG: Keep an Eye Out for Wolves and Bears

A wolf just killed a small dog in a backyard in Athol on Sept 9th....

Posted by MissBhavin on 09/10/2014 at 10:10 AM

Re: “Wolf Advocates Try to Arrest Gov. Otter Over Wolf Killing

Crimes against nature???..What the hell is wrong with you people??...Never mind...I know the list is long!!!....Give it up...Idaho residents VOTED 74% to add the RIGHT to Hunt, Fish and TRAP to our Constitution.......Deer breaking down fences???....Absolute lie!...Ridicules!...But, whatever sounds good at the time...Right??? Wolves WILL BE CONTROLLED...Get over it!

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Posted by MissBhavin on 09/10/2014 at 9:30 AM

Re: “Study: Sea Levels Rising As Globe Warms

GloBULL Warming-GloBULL Cooling- when those 2 doen't work-It's... TaDa--Climate Change----What a crock of crap! These "researchers' with their outcome driven agendas need to go get a real job!

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Posted by MissBhavin on 07/18/2013 at 1:52 PM

Re: “New Era Begins for U.S. Horse Slaughterhouses

My problem with this is the abuse and cruel treatment. The horses are transported in trailers designed for cattle - causing discomfort during their trip.When they get there, they are scared,beaten & injured by "people" that have no regard for the animals well being, actually enjoying being cruel to an animal that deserves utmost respect until they are put down. What will go on with the new halal butcher??..More torture..Unacceptable!

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Posted by MissBhavin on 07/18/2013 at 1:40 PM

Re: “Tribune: Idaho Resort Shut Down By Forest Service

Disband the forest Service!.....Nothing but eco twits with failed policies destroying our forests.

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Posted by MissBhavin on 07/18/2013 at 1:01 PM

Re: “Idaho Hispanic Population Grows by 73 Percent

The census takers were not allowed to ask about citizenship!!!...So, how many are legal?? 10%???...If we are lucky!!!....LaRazza is an evil government funded ($18 million this year...$5 million last)...racist hate group that is preaching hate and discontent in this country...they have it taught in some of our schools...they forgot they were paid for the states they say are still theirs...and we pay them to try and take them back!!! These invaders come here and demand handouts...college educations...housing...welfare....food stamps..medical care...they sue for "rights" they aren't entitled too....Californai just awarded an alien 3 million dollars because his child molester ass got beat up in jail....and on and F#$%ing on!!!......Yeah...A REAL contribution aren't they?? Then lots of the money they do make, (that they do not pay taxes on) is sent back to Mexico....and why not, since we are paying for all of their needs...did I mention we pay Mexico another $80 million a year to take care of their trash???....

Idaho can't afford this!!!....

We don't need them in Boise for the ag business...almost all of our correctional institutions are in the Boise area....they can do farm work...they already log and do fire supression...and also all of the generationl white welfare rats can get off their asses and earn that check!!!!...

I also don't want their diseases....

Chagas disease
You've probably never heard of this "kissing bug disease," but Latin Americans know it all too well. And why shouldn't they? It affects more than 18 MILLION people there every year-and 50,000 of those die. In fact, it's the leading cause of heart failure in Latin America.

The bugs that spread it (triatomine bugs) are endearingly called "kissing bugs" because they prefer to feed on your lips and face. There's nothing sweet about their kisses, though. They nibble on your face while you're sleeping… then they defecate on you. If the feces enter your body through mucous membranes or breaks in your skin, you'll contract the disease.

Some people present no symptoms, and others will only end up with common cold symptoms. But the disease can also cause local swelling, enlargement of your liver or spleen, and swollen glands. It can get progressively worse from there-leading to an enlarged esophagus, enlarged heart, heart failure, altered heart rate, and sometimes cardiac arrest. Up to 30 percent will eventually die… when their heart or intestines actually explodes.

This disease isn't contagious, and chances are you won't run into these little buggers-but that doesn't mean you're free and clear. Blood tainted with Chagas disease has turned up in our blood supplies, and some transplanted organs are infected with the disease as well. Right now, there are three proven cases of people receiving Chagas-infected organs. Two of them died.
Dengue fever
This is another illness that most people in America have never heard of. But not too long ago, a Texas town that borders Mexico experienced an outbreak. Can you imagine why that could be? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this mosquito-borne illness is on the rise in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

The classic form of the disease consists of fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, and rashes-and sometimes nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. But the hemorrhagic form isn't quite so vanilla. As the name implies, it causes both internal and external bleeding…including bloody diarrhea, vomiting blood, and bleeding from mucosa.

The only thing doctors recommend is "supportive therapy," such as staying hydrated and possibly a blood transfusion (just make sure it's not tainted with Chagas disease). In other words, there's no cure.

This is a parasitic disease caused by the pork tapeworm, and it's caused by poor food-handling practices. If you're infected, something as simple as not washing your hands after you use the restroom can cause you to contaminate food…and thereby spread it to other victims. The eggs will hatch in your intestine, and then take up residence at any given place in your body.

One man who had a chronic headache ended up having a cyst of tapeworm larvae in his brain. It could have killed him. This isn't a rare situation, either. Hundreds of others have developed neurological diseases because of this tapeworm. (Gives you something to think about when you step into a fast-food restaurant…)

Between 1990 and 2002, 221 people in the U.S. died from cysticercosis. Almost 85 percent of them were born in another country-and 62 percent of that number came from…you guessed it… Mexico. Of the 33 American who died, 60 percent were living in California.

But since cysticercosis isn't on the radar screen of most doctors and clinics, I'm betting that most cases go undiagnosed-which means that the severity of the problem is likely far greater than the numbers indicate. The easiest way to avoid this one…cook your own meals.

and my personal favorite

If it feels like you have bugs crawling under your skin, it might not be your imagination-especially if you live in Texas, Florida, and California, where a mysterious disease called Morgellons is crawling up from its neighbors to the south.

No one knows what causes it, how it's spread, or how to make it go away. The medical establishment has been quick to shrug it off. Victims wish they could do the same.

Victims complain of hair loss, skin thickening, fatigue and joint pain. But the worst part of all has to be unexplained black fibers that come out of their skin. One sufferer said, "It gives you the sensation that you have worms under your skin or rats crawling on you." Another said, "When you lay down, as soon as your head hits the pillow, your hair starts crawling."
3 foolproof steps we'll never take to curb illegal immigration
Of course, I could go on and on, telling you about the rise of malaria, hepatitis A, B, and C, the increase in all sorts of parasitic infections, and even HIV. But I think you've got the picture. That's a lot of sick people and a lot of serious diseases that we're not quite prepared to fight.

I'm not a fan of political correctness, so I'm not afraid to tell you that I think it's high time someone in our government did something to stop illegal immigration before it brings this country to its knees-and puts us all in the hospital. It isn't all about Mexico, but that's where a lot of it stops-and could end.

I've got a few of my own ideas of how to stop the impending economic disaster illegals represent:

A BORDER FENCE - Politicians say it'll cost too much, but even at its most expensive (an estimated $8 billion, tops), it would be cheaper than the negative lifetime economic impact of just 1.5% of the illegals already in this country.

RESCIND BENEFITS - Simply by virtue of their presence in this country, illegal immigrants are entitled to emergency health care, police and fire protection, and every right to privacy, liberty, and due process of law that all American citizens are entitled to. Many states grant them driver's licenses, and many hold mortgages and credit cards. Beyond this, their children, even if born one minute after illegally crossing the border, enjoy full U.S. citizenship, along with all the perks.

EMPLOYMENT PROHIBITIONS - Making it a felony for anyone in America to hire an illegal immigrant could go a long way toward discouraging those bent on hopping the border to make a living. If the money river dries up, the "fish" will swim back from whence they came.

Doing just these three things would neutralize the illegal immigrant threat almost overnight. If we did these things, we wouldn't even NEED to make illegal entry or occupancy a crime (another measure being discussed by Republicrats). Nor would we have to go through the costly process of mass deportations.

If illegals found they couldn't work, get benefits, or guarantee their unborn automatic citizenship, they'd go home and make Mexico all it could be (which was the goal of the all-but defunct NAFTA"""'

Legal immigration need reformed too....over a million a year!!!...Plus the Green card lottery!!!....The old come to get their checks...(((If you haven't paid...you get nothing!!!...period!!))......and the young and uneducated come here to rape, kill, maim, molest our people and disrespect our country...F%#$ That!!

23 likes, 24 dislikes
Posted by MissBhavin on 08/30/2011 at 4:31 PM

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