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Re: “Sonata in Crab Major

Bill. Have you been in a drug induced coma? There is so much shit going on and you, twice, bitch about the little things. Please make this article worthwhile. I need to feed my own angry fire.

Posted by Ryan McGill on 03/19/2009 at 12:48 PM

Re: “Stop the Bleeding

I think we should stop the evictions. I want an incentive provided for responsible home owners. I want a re-fi or a new home loan at the Fed rate of 1.5%. I don't want that money going to the banks and then lending it to me at 6%+. They don't deserve that kind of mark up. Let responsible homeowners get at loan for the value of their house from the Fed at 1.5%. For me, I could buy a nice $250k house in Boise in a great neighborhood for around $1000/month with a tax and insurance included. Or, since I already have a mortgage, I would take that $250k and pay off my current mortgage so my bank with poor lending practices could get some money back. They would get it from me; not from the Fed. Say I have a house with a $180k morgage. I pay around $1300/month at 6.125%. The value of my house is $250k. I take a Fed. home loan for $250k. I pay off the bank(mortgage) and keep the extra cash to pay off car debt and reduce my house payment by $300. This gives cash back to the strapped banks and gives me significant cash to play with and provides and additional $300/month for me to use at my discretion. Or maybe I could pay off my other Federal Student loan... Nah... I know I seem scattered here. I want the responsible people to be given the reward here. I want the people that are upside down to have the opportunity to pay a lower mortgage based on a lower interest rate. This would be offered only to those who plan on living in the house. No profiteering investors. If my mortgage goes to a bank or the Fed; I don't care. It is only a loan. Like a car, student, or business loan. I don't see a problem with it. Why the hell should I pay the extra 4.5% just so the money can go through a bank. My $.02

Posted by Ryan McGill on 10/23/2008 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Who'd Kill Duncan?

I was going to say something.... but I think I'll let this conversation die of natural causes...

Posted by Ryan McGill on 10/08/2008 at 1:17 PM

Re: “Oily

Look at the Tesla Roadster. EVs will be our future transportation method. Yes, there are hazards with the batteries but the tech is getting better. Also, look for the White Zombie EV. We have options for our transportation. The real issue is our global population. It reminds me a lot of Mike Judge's Idiocracy. We are headed that direction. I call for a global plan to help manage the population of the earth. $2000 to each young man who would get a vasectomy and $4000 to each young woman who would volunteer for a tubal ligation. Purely incentive. No force. Offer the program globally. Maybe offer it adjusted into yuan. *******The very selfish side of me is pissed. I always wanted a huge truck with a 25' jet boat in tow headed to Hells Canyon to play. I will never have that. I will now be forced (economically) to experience riding a bicycle in the desert heat to and from work. I was born too late. I am now having to deal with consequences of decisions made decades before I was born. And yes, I am bitching. I am pissed. I followed the expected programs. I passed my classes. I have my degree. I jumped through the flaming hoops attempting success. I was being guided by the same fuckheads that have created this shitbath I must live in. Fucking baby boomer shitsticks saw this coming and did nothing but profit from it. Pricks. ******Second Amendment Issue: I shoot things. I shoot things that fly. I shoot things that run. After I shoot those things I cook and eat them. (I am keeping the language simple so others may understand) The animals I shoot taste good. If my guns were to be taken I would not be able to shoot things. I would have to buy all of my food from grocery stores. I would have to eat only domesticated animals. I would not enjoy the taste of an organic whitetail deer. I would not enjoy the organic taste of a grouse. I would have to buy my food from other providers. I feel that the 'Framers' would have never intended to take away a persons natural rights to harvest wild food. Not all people are little suburbanites or urbanites who are dependent on grocers for their food. I also enjoy the opportunity to go into the 'natural' world and become what I am; The Top Predator. Yes, its a cocky thing. It is part of my genes. I try to resist by reading books and staying civilized. It doesn't always work. Taking away my guns makes me even more subordinate than I am already forced to be. I do cling to my guns. I do cling to my rights. They are intertwined.

Posted by Ryan McGill on 07/16/2008 at 10:20 AM

Re: “Raising Fish Game

Bill, I know you probably mean well. And I feel that you have touched on the real issue. It is the issue of funding. I am part of the population that is responsible for animals to be in the forest and the streams. I pay for my hunting and fishing license every year. I pay for the opportunity to pursue wild animals. I don't expect those who do not want to pursue them to pay. If they choose to support life instead of harvest there are organizations that would make much better use of donations than the government would do with taxes. Through the last four years I have agreed with much of what you have said. This issue is completely out of your league. I believe that if it weren't for responsible user of the the wilderness and what it provides to the 'general person' it would have been completely perverted and destroyed by now. It is an unfortunate consequence that our woods are used to grow animals for harvest but it is better than any other alternatives. I really don't want the general tax payer to have a say in how the Fish, Fur, and Feathers does their job. The general public does not want know the gruesome details. Let them buy their meat and fish at the market. I don't want urbanites making decisions on wild animals based on their experiences with a stray duck. I understand that once we, destructive little Americans, stuck out hands into the rivers and mountains that we must now manage these systems based on science and the users and owners of the land. We play God(s) with our landscape. We plant the fish, plant the wolf, plant the turkey, plant the pheasants. The things many consider part of the wild landscape were introduced. I think using our land to suit the needs of those who pay for and use it is the best answer. People who think a stroll down the greenbelt is a trip into nature need not have an influence on how fish and game do their job. The only reason there are fish in the water and game in our forests is because of careful management. I pat fish and game on the back for making a difficult decision and killing the cougars. There are more pressing issues facing Idaho's animals that need money. Unfortunate, yes. And did you know it is illegal to take in a wild duck. I hope USFW doesn't read the Cope...

Posted by Ryan McGill on 01/31/2008 at 2:05 PM

Re: “Skip to M' Loo

Been reading you for over a year. If you had half as many solutions as complaints you might go further than your article (outside ada county). Compliment your bitching with inserts of solutions. How might the offensive Cope deal with Idaho's massive growth? Build a fence, Cope? Try to secure your way a life for yourself...??? Sounds kinda' mean??? What about energy needs? Will it be the typical yet ineffective response of "well, if we could get people to conserve..." Won't work Cope. People will not conserve unless it forced upon them. How about the use of tribal lands and the force tribes can put upon the rest of our land. Should we work on a new phase of assimilation? Autonomy? Should they get the ol' Andrew Jackson treatment again? What might be your bitchless solution to salmon and steelhead recovery? Knock out the damns in Washinton and then create more semi traffic on our roads and then create a void of electricity that will need to be filled by a different dam? Well, it would create high paying jobs...from the tax roll... Got Coal??? How about that goat trail we call a Freeway that runs through the Treasure Valley? What might be your honest solution? Tolls on every exit? Maybe you could create a bike lane on the freeway? How will we continue to pay for all the public land in Idaho? More user fees? The Potlatch model? $50/car... SOLUTIONS BILL!!! You are that ass at the party. The Debbie Downer. All conflict; no solution. Create another alter ego and let he/she write a column for you. Maybe Solution Sally, or Compromising Carl...********Don't pick on people from small towns. A lot of times they are crazy and might find you late at night at your favorite overpriced coffee house... Just listen for the spurs Ching-Ching....That wasn't racist...I was mimicking the sound of metal on the ground...please don't kick me off....

Posted by Ryan McGill on 04/19/2007 at 2:00 PM

Re: “Lesser Evils

Drunkards and sluts??? I qualify to work for the BW. I'll send a resume.*****

Posted by Ryan McGill on 03/29/2007 at 12:08 PM

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