A Well-Played Slam 

Our bridge community is pleased to welcome a new member, John Cissel, who recently moved here from Oregon. He played this hand against us in the Swiss Teams event at the Caldwell Sectional Tournament in early September. While we are most pleased to meet Cissel and welcome him, we wish he would stop beating us. He opened the bidding as West with one heart, and I over-called two diamonds. His partner, Geoff Bridges, checked for aces and bid to the heart slam when he determined that they were missing only one ace. Cissel played the hand very well to make 12 tricks. He is missing a lot of high cards, but the bidding indicates that his cards are favorably located.

After taking the first trick with the diamond ace, he led a club, and when I ducked the ace, he took the king. He played two rounds of trumps, came to hand with the spade king and finessed the spade jack, then discarded his last club on the spade ace.

So far, Cissel had seven tricks and no losers and was able to trump a diamond, trump a club, draw the rest of the trumps and concede a diamond at the end.

It would have done me no good to jump up with the ace of clubs when he led a small one because it would have made the play easier later on, and I had no very good return.

Cissel made the slam, and our partners at the other table bid it but were unable to make it. So their team, which included Kendra Bridges and Doug Bullock, beat us and went on to tie for first place with the team of Joan Grimm, Charlotte Miller, Lucien Stratton and Craig Jones.

Congratulations to them, and I am sure Cissel will continue to win events. We are very pleased that he has joined the group.

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