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For more than a week, "Dr." Blanco Thônng has served as an adviser to the grammatical and stylistic bigwigs around the Boise Weekly office. A recognized authority on the intricate psychology of leadership, peak performance, negotiations, organizational turnaround and strategic fashion, he has been honored for his tactical intellect and near-nude public speaking endeavors.

What began as a simple commitment to helping utterly forgettable individuals transform the quality of their lives through baby-oil and spandex has grown, as "Dr." Thônng is called on for guidance by overdressed leaders of alternative newspaper editing, copyediting, freelance writer-bullying, advertising sales and events listing arrangement. Since becoming the heir-apparent to the "life coaching" industry from such luminaries as Tony Robbins and ... whoever else does life coaching, "Dr." Thônng has been honored by Boise Weekly as one of the "Top 10 Business Intellectuals in the Entire Effing World." His forthcoming book, 90 Days to a Better You, has already moved into heavy rotation in Boise Weekly's back restroom (also known as the "No. Two Room."). He lives in Boise in an apartment with 14 lizards, five cockatiels and an 11-year old miniature pinscher. For a signed picture of Dr. Thônng, e-mail him at blanco@boiseweekly.com.

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