Face of Boise: Jon Swarthout

Face of Boise: Jon Swarthout

TRICA founder works to bring art to the kids of Boise
Hometown boy returns to build a home for arts education.

Welcome to Boise

One Scoop at a Time: A new way to build a better Boise neighborhood
Sometimes, it's about ice cream.

Metropolitan and More

Boise and beyond
Take a tour of the Treasure Valley's 'hoods.

Welcome to Boise

Just the Facts
The insider's guide to the City of Trees

Welcome to Garden City

Just the Facts
Insider's look at Garden City

Face of Garden City: Lisa Zeiter

Garden City Library director helps bridge a diverse community
Regardless of background, the Garden City Library works to serve as a community hub.

Welcome to Eagle

Just the Fact
The story behind Eagle.

Face of Eagle: Melissa Nodzu

Director of the Eagle Saturday Market
Farmers market brings a commuter community together.

Welcome to Meridian

Just the Facts
Boise's bedroom community is finding its own.

Face of Meridian: Toni Smith

D.L. Evans Bank manager works across the community
Beyond finances, Smith is helping Meridian find its personality.

Welcome to Star

Just the Facts
An insider's guide to Star.

Face of Star: Christina Flores

Founder of Star Outreach helps those in need with dignity
Community organization finds ways to help those who need a hand.

Welcome to Kuna

Just the Facts
The story of a farm town growing up.

Face of Kuna: Kenny Carver

Les Schwab manger helps create a rallying point
As a Kuna High School Football Booster, Carver is helping make a school game a community link.

Welcome to Nampa

Just the Facts
The facts behind Nampa.

Face of Nampa: Sue and John Paul

Founders of the Warhawk Air Museum give history a home
Museum brings the stories of the past to a new generation.

Welcome to Caldwell

Just the Facts
The insider's picture behind Caldwell.

Face of Caldwell: Ron Bitner

Bitner Vineyards founder is helping a new industry transform Caldwell
Caldwell's wine industry is evolving the area's agricultural heritage.

Hoods: The Calendar

Pick community events
Best bets for getting to know your community.

Who: Boise Mayor Dave Bieter

Sitting down with the mayor of the Capital City
From his childhood in Boise to what he sees for the future, Dave Bieter reflects on his city.

A Tale of Eight Cities

A creative history of the Treasure Valley
From the first arrivals to the latest, the Treasure Valley has a colorful history.

Calendar: What, Where, When

Communtiy event highlights
Our picks for some of the best community events.

Don't Miss: Boise

Favorite picks in the City of Trees
A few local faves.

Don't Miss: Garden City

Highlights for the surrounded city
A few reasons to head down Chinden Boulevard.

Don't Miss: Star

Why to head west
Tiny town, great attraction.

Don't Miss: Eagle

Favorite stops in Eagle
What to do when you're in town.

Don't Miss: Kuna

Southern destinations
Surprising finds in Kuna.

Don't Miss: Meridian

Reasons for a visit
Highlights from the family friendly city.

Don't Miss: Caldwell

Picks for the western end of the valley
Goin' old-school in Caldwell.

Don't Miss: Nampa

Highlights of the 2C
Hit the freeway for these finds.

Boise and Garden City

Boise may not be the geographic center of the Treasure Valley but it certainly is the center of attention. It's the hub of the area's art and cultural worlds, the valley's economic force and the state's political centerpiece.

Eagle and Star

West of the capital city, Eagle is wedged between the Foothills and the Boise River, while Star's easy access to the river makes the two communities increasingly popular options for area residents.

Meridian and Kuna

In the last decade, Meridian's population has more than doubled, and the city is working to redefine itself as a family-friendly community, while attracting businesses, as well as tract housing.

Nampa and Caldwell

Today both cities walk a line between rural and urban, with a mix of industry, retail and agriculture. Nampa, as the more urban of the two, has been undergoing major changes in recent years.

McCall and Donnelly

The Long Valley has always been a place of boom or bust. Back in the day, it was the timber industry that determined the fate of the community. Now, it's tourism.

Garden Valley and Crouch

Roughly an hour's drive from Boise, the small mountain communities are favorite escapes for those looking to avoid the heat of summer in the Treasure Valley or as a home base for winter adventures.

Wood River Valley

The towns of Ketchum, Hailey and Bellevue comprise the core of the Wood River Valley, an area that boasts not only a world-class ski hill but some of the most stunning scenery around.

Welcome to Boise

Deciphering the Treasure Valley
Getting to know the towns and neighborhoods.

Downtown Boise

Boise Bench

East Boise



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