Bridge Club—March 3, 2005 

Relucant to defend!

This hand demonstrates vividly one of the principles of bidding we teach: bid your longest suit first when you open. The north-south club fit can't be discovered easily because south lacks any high-card values, but if north bids clubs to open and then competes in spades at the 4 level, which I think is appropriate for this hand, south has no choice but to show a preference for clubs at a high level. Poor east-west, in spite of owning the heart suit and more than half the deck, can only watch their honor cards float harmlessly to the table as they concede 12 tricks to a complete crossruff. The only loser is a diamond trick.

In club play recently, two declarers got doubled at the 6 club level on this hand and chalked up 1090 points for making their doubled contract! The auction is an example of bidding more when you are reluctant to defend and ending up making your own contract, a delightful surprise when you think you are heading to a minus score.

Two of our beginning players made a good showing at the regular Sunday game: Leslie Muir and her husband Art Crawford placed 3rd scratch and 1st handicap in a field of 10 and ½ tables. Well done Leslie and Art!

In the Swiss teams event at the tournament at the AmeriTel Inn on February 13, top spot was carried off by Dean Pierose and Gary Belew and teammates Steve Nafus of Salmon and Peter Gray of Ketchum. Well done.

You can join the fun of competitive bridge or just play for enjoyment. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at the Boise Bridge Club, 327-0166, where we play six times a week and give lessons at all levels. See our ad in this paper.

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