Dr. Adria David and Valerie Uhlorn

Dr. Adria David and Valerie Uhlorn

Back to school, their own educational roots and the 'boo-hoo, yahoo room'
"We have a separate room, the "boo-hoo, yahoo" room," and about 15 minutes after kindergarten starts, we have to start moving the parents out. So, we say, let's head to "boo-hoo, yahoo" where there's coffee and donuts. At some point, we have to start celebrating."

Lt. Col. David Frakt

In the shadows of Guantanamo
"They invented war crimes and they invented a new category of war criminal."

Mariah Walton

A matter of faith and death
Mariah Walton appeared on the Today Show and Good Morning America to insist Idaho law needs to protect children from parents who use their faith as a shield when accused of neglecting their children’s well-being.

Cassandra Bissell and Juan Rivera Lebron

Stars of Idaho Shakespeare Festival's Twelfth Night
"This is how these Shakespeare comedies were written to be performed. And Boise audiences always want us to win."

Dr. John Livingston

On charity, Medicaid and Idaho's largest hospitals
"What I do for another person is charity. But when the government becomes the conduit of charity it's giving somebody else's money away. It's a very bad thing."

Steve Granado

Loving baseball, win or lose (but winning is better)
Granado took a break from the bustle to talk about the Hawks, his broadcast idol and being his own toughest critic.

Dick Fosbury

Still clearing the high bar
"We're all human beings. Some athletes came home from the Olympics and walked away from their sport, but I've developed a pretty good network of athletes who continue to give back."

Scott Anderson

Zions CEO on why investing in the arts is money in the bank
The CEO and president of Zions Bank, has “amassed a reputation that hovers far more toward George Bailey than J.P. Morgan.”

Jillian Kates

Idaho Shakespeare Festival's 'fair lady'
"Be fearless. Be prepared that not everyone may like you. Not everyone is going to love mint chocolate chip ice cream."


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