Sharon Robinson

Sharon Robinson

Jackie Robinson's daughter on the baseball legend and his legacy
“I’ve been traveling South, and I want you to find work you love and keep family important, but we need to have a family mission, and that family mission is going to be social justice issues.”

Heather Cox

Interviewing the interviewer
"You'll laugh, but I refuse to keep track [of how many days are spent on the road]. I could figure it out pretty quickly, but I don't."

Paul Stanley

His KISS is on Boise's list
Paul Stanley, aka Starchild, co-lead singer of KISS and co-writer of many of the band’s best-selling hits, is preparing for the band’s current 35-city tour—dubbed “Freedom to Rock”—which begins in Boise on Thursday, July 7.

Tyne Rafaeli

One of the theater world's most buzzed-about directors helms next production of Idaho Shakespeare Festival
"Bart Sher has become the most important mentor of my career, and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival formed so much of who he is as an artist."

Laura Welsh Berg and Tom Ford

And then there were two...
"We had a lot of huge fans of the Agatha Christie novel who were pretty excited to see the ending that would reflect the way they first read it."


Always writing, often singing, never broken
"I see a lot of young people struggling, saying they're broken. That's not the case. It's only a perception of being broken. It's a very difficult fire to walk through."

Margaret Havey

"At the top of my list would be the creation of a vulnerable road-users law. There are rarely criminal consequences in these incidents. If anything, there's usually a traffic citation."
TVCA Vice President talks about "ghost bikes," bike safety and Boise Bike Week.

Dr. Jaclyn Kettler

Money, politics and the 'women voting bloc'
"The research shows that if anyone is a bloc recently, it's men but even then, it's too huge a group to consider homogenous."

Jake Ellis

The retired Boise Fire Department Battalion Chief says he's now prepared to douse political flames
"There's already a redistribution of wealth. It's just gone to the wealthy."


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