Current, Former Idaho Lawmakers Warn of 'Collapse' in North Idaho Patriot Rally 

"[The federal government] is empowering tyranny. Rules and regulations are eliminating our freedoms. It's social engineering."

They like to call themselves patriots.

A three-day North Idaho rally, under way in Farragut State Park, has attracted hundreds of citizens who say Idaho and the nation needs to be better prepared for what they insist will be "the imminent collapse of our economy."

Earlier this month, Citydesk reported about the event, called "Operation Sleeping Giant," featuring speeches from Idaho House Republican Rep. Vito Barbieri and Idaho Republican Sen. Steve Vick, both from Dalton Gardens, as well as embattled former GOP Rep. Phil Hart.

This morning's Coeur d'Alene Press reports that many of the speakers "agreed that our country is no longer being run constitutionally, and that in the event of a collapse someone is going to have to step up to restore and protect the constitution."

"[The federal government] is empowering tyranny," said Barbieri, according to the Press. "Rules and regulations are eliminating our freedoms. It's social engineering."

The Press reports that Barbieri urged attendees to be prepared for "big changes."

"We all know change is coming," said Barbieri. "Let's keep the constitution and throw out the bureaucrats."

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