Family Batters Officer. Mmm ... Batter 

A shooting didn't happen last Thursday in Nampa, but we can't really figure out how it didn't. According to a story in the Idaho Press-Tribune, officers responded to a reported family scuffle on Banner Street, and what they found was a teen with his hand in his pocket--and refusing to take it out. Fearing that the suspect could be hiding a weapon, an officer grabbed the teen's arm, and then ... yikes. The brother of the suspect ran up and hit the officer. The boys' mother also threw herself into the fight. And then--like the final level of some demented crowd-control-themed video game--here came the big boss man himself, Dad, waving a gun and pursuing the first teenager down the street. The mother of the teens responded by placing herself between the officers and her husband--eesh! Bad news seemed imminent, when ... meh. After a brief standoff, officers arrested all four suspects on a variety of charges.

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