Fashionable Super-Thug Faces Heavy Charges 

Harlan Hale, the Boise man who recently made headlines for treating Southern Idaho like his own personal version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, has been formally charged with attempted murder and assault. Hale is accused of peppering a Boise Police squad car with handgun fire on February 28, and later trying to run over several officers during a chase on March 9. He was apprehended that day after crashing his car into a canal, crawling into nearby bushes and continuing to shoot at police. Hale is also accused of a home-invasion robbery in Twin Falls. In the meantime, the probable prison-lifer has apparently embraced the image of a video game villain, fastidiously trimming his facial hair into the classic sideburns-into-moustache outlaw look, complemented by a goatee, a Zappa-esque "butt-brush" beneath his lower lip, and topping the whole image off, some really fetching neck tattoos. Boss.

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