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We've all had those nights. Leaning on the open refrigerator door in the early dusk twilight, hunger clawing at your guts as you eye a hardening block of cheddar, a fennel bulb and a half loaf of bread. Sighing, you think, "I couldn't possibly make anything filling with these meager ingredients." Wrong.

At, you can plug in all the items in your fridge, however random, along with any foods you find icky and it'll spit out a customized recipe--like an oozy grilled cheddar and fennel sandwich with curry mayo. Sound deliciously unreal? Here's how it works:

"Tell us what you're craving and what you have in your kitchen, and we'll spoon feed your eyes something dreamy. Got flour? Black pepper? Truffle-laced whole-grain farm-swaddled pork loin? We got a recipe for that." handpicks recipes from food bloggers--big names in the blogger world like Helene Dujardin of Tartelette, Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, and Sara Forte of Sprouted Kitchen--and then displays their color-saturated photos with a short list of required ingredients in full screen mode. When you come across something that melts your brain, you can click a star and put it in your favorites list. If you want more specific instructions on how to make a dish, sends you straight to the original blog post.

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