If you're navigating Treefort Music Fest, let Boise Weekly be your guide

Whether you're catching your breath at the back of the club waiting for the next band to blow your mind, or nursing a coffee and crafting your daily plan of attack, check out for your one-stop shop for breaking Treefort news, show reviews, photo slideshows, band interviews and video hooliganry.

Video hooliganry, you ask? Boise Weekly will pump out on-the-ground interviews with some of Treefort's top bands direct from our Modern Hotel Treefortress.

In addition to compiling all of Boise Weekly's coverage into one place, our nifty new interface,, will allow you to scroll through social media highlights from across the Treefort Twittersphere, stream Boise Weekly's Soundcloud playlists highlighting the day's top bands, and peruse Treefort-related Instagrams.

So instead of idly combing Twitter and Facebook in your downtime, head to for all the Treefort coverage you can cram into your cranium.

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