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Google (n.)-The noun form of this word is a trademarked name of the company. This word comes from googol, coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of U.S. mathematician Edward Kasner, in 1938, referring to the number one followed by 100 zeros. The company liked this as the number represented a big thing. Google's company headquarters are referred to as "the Googleplex" (a googolplex is the number one followed by a googol of zeros.

Google (v.)-The verb form of this word means to search for information on the Web, specifically using the Google search engine. Also used as Googled. For example, "I Googled my boyfriend and you won't believe what I found."

Googling-The act of using Google to discover more information about someone or something. Often used to find out more information about someone you just met. Because Google ranks pages and has an internal rating system, the perception is that the more returns appear about someone who has been "Googled" the more important they are.

Auto-Googling-The act of Googling one's self to see how important one is.

Google juice-The ability of a Web site to turn up in Google searches. A Web site commonly turning up as the first or second entry in searches-especially non-site name searches-is said to have a lot of Google juice. Because of the way that Google ranks pages, a Web site that has many links to it gains "juice." Similarly, a Web site with a lot of "juice" can share it with lower ranked Web sites by linking to them.

google bombing (n., v.)-The deliberate practice of setting up a bunch of Web sites with links to one so that the one Web site is themost popular result. (see next page for much more detail about this technique.)

Google dance-The Google search an engine periodically must search (also known crawling or spidering) through the entire World Wide Web to update it's search engine. The big search typically happens about once per month and is noticed by significant changes in the search results that result from querying keywords. But the switch to the new index does not happen all at once. Over several days, the index update alternates between the new update and the old one. This is known as the Google Dance.

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