July 13, 2005 

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The owners of Sa-Wad-Dee restaurant are Ms. Toffee Dullaphan and Ms. Fon Tavijaroen, not Mr. Pveesak and his wife Suwannee. They are the chef and second chef. We apologize for the error and the extra "â" on Mr. Pveesak's name as well.

Beer Corrections

Any time you try to put together information on 168 bars by herding a dozen or more testers, even by calling, following up and making sure all the details are done, there are bound to be mistakes.

The Trolley Bar's hours are M-Sa 3 p.m.- 2 a.m., they have misters not misting lamps, they always serve beer in frosted glasses and you can bring your own meat to BBQ on their grill. The Boulevard Bar has no horseshoe pits. Little Dutch Garden does have draft beer and they play a mean game of horseshoes. We will add them to the list next year.

It is Burger 'N Brew, not Burger & Brew. They are open daily 11 a.m.-11 p.m. (not "late" and definitely not 'til 2 a.m.) The State Street location has 24 beers on tap not 16, eight TVs, not three, and they say they play really good music, not what we claim to have heard.

The entire section of Southeast Boise needed to be retested because of a faulty thermometer. Beer temperature slips we leave behind were incorrect and only in some cases were new ones issued when we re-tested. Busters on Broadway was one of those that we re-tested and unfortunately tied for the warmest beer in Boise award. If you look at the previous year's temperatures it seemed highly uncharacteristic for them with temps of 32°, 31.2° and 36.1°. But this is where we screwed up twice. Those temperatures were for the Eagle Busters. The Broadway Busters had in previous years temperatures of 38°, 39.2° and 38.4°.

Whatever the reason for a bar's temperature there are many factors that can be attributed including time of day, the temperature of the glass and how recent the kegs were changed. We asked all of our testers to not announce their visit ensuring a temperature accuracy that any patron might receive. However (other than Southeast Boise), we did only visit each bar once, and every year there is an element of chance. Next year, we advise bars have a frosted glass ready when you see someone with a thermometer.

We are updating the historical placings and temperatures online in our location guide (visit www.boiseweekly.com, select Location Guide underneath the City Guides on the left hand column, then search by the "Coldest Beer in Boise" category). With 168 bars this takes some time but, rest assured, we will get them done in ranking order. We're already through 50th place or so.

Coldest Beer

Quote from the Boise Weekly edition "4th Annual Coldest Beer Contest."

"Harry's Bar and Grill in Meridian serves the coldest beer in Boise." HUH?

-Mary Anne Corbeil, Boise

I love the caption underneath the dude swigging a beer, "Harry's Bar & Grill in Meridian serves the coldest beer in Boise."

Wouldn't that be the coldest beer in Meridian?

-Toby Biery, Boise

Editor's Note: Ah, the reader's think they have found a gaff, a flaw, a blooper, a boo-boo, a bungle, an error, a flub, an oversight, a proverbial slip-up. But did you see the fine print on last week's cover? Printed in red ink just below "Coldest Beer in Boise" and to the right of "Biggger•Better•Colder" were the words "Coldest Beer in Boise Metropolitan Area."

The Thinker

Cope gets my kudos this week! (BW, Bill Cope, "De-Braining America", July 6, 2005). He said two things that really make sense. First, he made me think when he said, "The real question isn't why public broadcasting has such an affinity for liberals, but why liberals have such an affinity for public broadcasting." I'm sure glad he didn't give an answer. I will be mulling that over for a while. To me, that is what an editorial is all about ... to make us think. Secondly, I completely concur that there will always be people who believe a thought can be stopped by punishing the thinker. It also occurs to me that this is all relative. Supposedly, our conservative leaders are spending lives in Iraq because they had to stop the great thought stopper himself. How I wish I could read the history books 300 years from now ... providing the thinkers havn't been too harshly punished.

-Chris Murray,


Bounced Checks

I usually appreciate Ted Rall's articles, but I found his recent Chicken Little-esque take on online bill-pay to be quite absurd. (BW, Ted Rall, June 29, 2005)

Firstly, Ted acts as if online bill-pay is one of the hardest undertakings to attempt for even the savviest of computer users. Well, even my mother uses online bill-pay (the same mother who still cannot access her voicemail, despite at least a dozen lessons on how). Secondly, when comparing two courses of action, one should make sure to be evenhanded. While Ted may not be able to pay his bills online for Ashkhabat, he certainly could not put thirty-seven cents on an envelope and expect his friendly U.S. postal carrier to come get it.

While Ted claims he is "certainly no Luddite," the implication of this logic shows that he is just that. While Guttenberg's printing press allowed the common person to read and the Boise Weekly to be printed, it has also spawned ridiculous articles like Ted's as well as mass propaganda. We should just forget that it was ever invented and return to the Dark Ages.

The application of Ted's logic to any other forms of technology quickly demonstrates its absurdity.

-Aaron Branahl, Boise

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