June 2—June 7 

June 2

2800 block of W. Cherry Lane-While on an unexpected tour of West Boise, the construction worker from the Village People suffers an accessory crisis; enters an unlocked car and take a Craftsman tool and screwdriver set.

1100 block of West State-Apparently once you figure out how easy it is to be a thief, you realize how easy it would be for everyone else to rob you. Just ask the paranoiac who broke into a business to steal its video surveillance system and tapes.

1700 block of N. 22nd-Yes, we know you're just going to run inside, pee, and buy a pack of menthols. But lock the dern door. Unlike the sports fan whose golf clubs, rain gear, Prince tennis racket and golf balls were purloined recently.

4900 block of W. Overland-A local auto-phile is so distraught about the theft of his prized Matco timing light, a diagnostic tool for automobile ignition timings, he calls the police. How do we know he was a he? The brand name of the timing light was included in the police report.

June 4

2600 block of Vista-Local bully gets tired of having to beat the nerds up to get their lunch money; breaks into a car and gathers up several totebags, backpacks and briefcases.

1800 block of Riviera Dr-A thief dishonors Angelina Jolie's birthday by stealing a CD case with 100 CDs from a car. Whether that awful Billy Bob Thorton album featuring the song "Angelina" was in the case ... very doubtful.

2200 block of Phoenix-You know that home on Phoenix Drive? It got robbed, but the owners are hoping to live up to their street name by rising from the ashes.

June 5

5500 block of W. Overland-Local militia maniac gets freaked out by an episode of Coast to Coast A.M. Prepares for own post-apocalyptic compound by stealing a compound bow, arrows, furniture, floor plans, a fly rod and Skil saw from two homes.

2800 block of W. Cherry Lane-Yes, crime flies when you're having lots of fun ... like robbing a local pilot's car for a flying license and fancy-pants headset.

June 7

6700 block of Rocky Bottom-A heartless knave steals a mountain bike, $200 Mizuno Orange Crush 2 aluminum slow pitch softball bat, Schwinn West Coast Chopper Team kids bike and power tools from a local home. Or maybe the kids and husband busted into next year's Christmas stash and are too afraid to admit it.

2600 block of E. Longhollow-Local thief decides to pay tribute to Lewis and Clark's 200th anniversary in his own special way-by stealing a Pioneer stereo.

1600 block of N. Phillipi-After Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, mountain music seems like it gains a new fan every day. Like the thief who stole an Alpine stereo from an unlocked car.

3900 block of W. Overland-A victim is unable to smooth over the pain of being robbed of his belt sander's backup belts. Hopefully the thief is able to ratchet up a little sympathy, now that she owns a fancy new ratchet set as well.

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