Mail and Commentary July 10, 2013 

"Leave Long John Silver's alone. Keep cooking with your trans fat!"

--Lisa Netzel (, Citydesk, "CSPI: Long John Silver's 'Big Catch' is Worst Meal in America," July 3, 2013)

Pot Peddlers

News that Oregon lawmakers had signed off on a bill allowing for state-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries (Citydesk, "Oregon Legislature Approves Medical Pot Dispensary Bill," July 7, 2013) gave hope to some Idaho cannabis-rights supporters. Here's what they said online:


--William James Esbensen

Hopefully Idaho is not far behind. The reefer madness prohibitionist attitude toward marijuana is quickly becoming a political liability.


Raul Rhetoric

Idaho U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador recently made his sixth appearance on Meet the Press, where he talked about immigration and health care reform (Citydesk, "Labrador on Meet the Press: 'If We Don't Do [Immigration Reform] Right, It Could Be the Death of the Republican Party,'" July 7, 2013). Some online commenters were none too impressed:

Labrador is a tool of the Koch brothers. A Koch sucker, if you will. He gets plenty of airtime as a GOP token hispanic. He has no interest in immigration reform besides granting visas to blue collar immigrants who will take jobs from your college educated children. If he gets this concession, he will support reform. If not, he will join with other members of the Tealiban in opposing immigration reform on the grounds that the border is not secure. This guy has absolutely no connection to Idaho besides the fact that he found enough rubes here to support his line of John Birch inspired Koch brothers talking points to get elected. He is now assured a berth on the gravy train, as a loss at the ballot box will only lead to a lucrative lobbying career. Congratulations Idaho, this accomplished carpet bagger you have created will be throwing monkey wrenches into the gears of democracy for decades.


The agenda for the "R"s is transparent as always. If the issue doesn't address their need for power or money it isn't going to be addressed. Their only interest in immigration is exploitation of the immigrant and making sure they can't vote against them. Period.

--Brad N'Joi Marker

Bunk Bunk

The Canyon County Jail added some new beds to the facility, but ACLU of Idaho said that doesn't go far enough to solve the jail's overcrowding problems (Citydesk, "Press Tribune: A Few New Beds For Overcrowded Canyon County Jail," July 5, 2013). Readers online seemed to agree that a couple of new bunks wouldn't improve the situation:

The real fix is stop locking people up for non violent offences. (ie. pot) Any non-violent offender should be out working off their debt to society, in society, not taking up residence best left to real criminals.

--Benj Hall

The main problem with Canyon County is their commissioners. Their track records speaks for themselves. They feel like they need to spend millions of dollars on new offices for themselves but yet the jail facilities are inadequate. They think buying land out in BFE for a new fair ground site is a priority.

What's next? How about setting some money aside for employee raises, or put some of this money towards the dwindling insurance trust of their employees. As it stands right now their employees could possibly lose insurance coverage. It's time to get rid of these baboons!


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