Mail and Commentary May 26, 2010 

"You must have your head completely wired into the propaganda machine."

-- TeaPartyLeader (, Citydesk, "Sarah Palin Has One Point," May 21, 2010)

On Road Sharing

I read the "Road Sharing 101" (BW, Feature, May 19, 2010) feature and was pleased to see the "3 feet to pass" and anti-harassment codes. However, as a cyclist myself, I believe that cyclists tend to often do themselves more harm than good by their less-than-courteous (intelligent?) behavior on the roads. If there is a bike lane, get in it! It's there for you. If there is no bike lane, try to ride as though there were, not out in the middle of the lane. Don't ride two or three abreast. Cars don't if there is a single lane, cyclists shouldn't either. Wearing a lot of expensive team kit does not impress motorists, nor does it give you the right to act like a jackass and impede traffic. Sharing the road goes both ways.

--Patrick T. Storey,Boise

Stop and Smell

As Boise slowly seeps into summer, the heat starts to go to everybody's head. We hear Rex Rammell spouting his homophobic bigotry on the radio, we watch as Gov. [C. L.] "Butch" Otter wages war against affordable health care for all, and we see our nation's beloved leader forget every promise he once made. We are bogged down in two wars because of oil, oil which now covers the pristine coastline of the gulf. If all this depresses you, my advice is to take a walk in Boise's Foothills. Head out on a weekday evening, when it's still warm and a pleasant breeze is blowing, and you will be renewed. The cornflowers, balsamroot and lupines are all in full bloom. The meadowlarks are fluttering from sagebrush to sagebrush chirping their love songs, as are the California quail. The happy faces of the walkers, bikers and runners shine as dogs run around chasing every scent in the air. Go visit the best place near downtown Boise, let the cool breeze blow across your face and remind yourself just why it is we live in Idaho.

--J. T. Lake,Boise

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