From Idaho, Merry Christmas

From Idaho, Merry Christmas

"For us here, it's a feather in our cap. We're proud of the fact that our tree will be in Washington D.C."


Trump's Treasury Secretary Pick Is a Lucky Man. Very Lucky

Steven Mnuchin has a long history of coming out ahead, even in questionable deals.

Three Months After the Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is Broke

"It was a bad decision from a financial point of view, and that giving these tax cuts did not result in jobs or economic growth to Rio."

U of I Fraternity Suspension for Drug Use, Hazing Extended

"Our Greek system is an important part of student life at UI, but we will not allow behavior that violates policy, and our primary mission of education in a safe student environment."

Idaho Dept. of Lands Auction of Properties in Boise and Idaho Falls Nets More Than $17 Million

The Idaho Department of Lands auctioned off seven commercial parcels for a total of $17,265,000—more than $4.4 million above the appraised price of the properties.

Bergdahl Petitions for Obama Pardon, Cites Concerns for Fair Trial Under Trump Presidency

"I have grave concerns as to whether Sergeant Bergdahl can receive a fair trial given the beating he has taken over many months from Mr. Trump."

Meet the High Schooler Who Donald Trump Blocked on Twitter

Antonio Del Otero called the president-elect a 'reject Cheeto.'

Study: 87,000 Working Poor Idahoans Are Part of 'Hunger Epidemic'

"Low wages are still the top cause of U.S. hunger and malnutrition."

Idaho Man Charged With Voter Fraud

The arrest came after election auditors in Nez Perce County and Asotin County in Washington discovered Christopher Billups, 62, of Lapwai, appeared to have voted at a polling site on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation after already mailing in a ballot to Washington.

North Idaho College Settles With Former Student After Claim of Rape, Title IX Violation

"When a girl has gone through what my client went through, standard operating procedure for a case like this could have seen all of her medical records of the past five years put into the public record. That's a horrifying prospect for anybody, particularly a 20-year-old girl."

Governor Otter Surfaces at Idaho Tax Conference Amid Rumors of a Trump Administration Appointment

"If I were to ask every employer in this room, 'Do you have a "Help Wanted" sign out?' I'd probably see a lot of hands go up. I can't even drive through Star and not see 'Help Wanted' signs. It's not for lack of jobs, it's about finding qualified labor."

SPLC: Two Northwest States in Top-10 List of Post-Election Hate Incidents, But Numbers May Not Show the Whole Problem

"That's not the representation we have. ... These things are happening every day."

Overtime Out: Idaho Employers in Limbo

"I said to myself, 'Am I really seeing this?' I had to rub my eyes when I got the email. I was really shocked."

Project Censored: The Top 10 Censored Stories of 2016

"Watergate taught us two important lessons about the press: First, the news media sometimes do fail to cover some important issues, and second, the news media sometimes indulge in self-censorship."

Dustin Robinson

Boise Police Department's Refugee Liaison
"I have invitations to speak all over the United States to talk about the model BPD has created."

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Cuban-American Relations?

"In the end, I think that Cuba will continue to open up its economy gradually, but will not relent on the political side.”

Idaho Fish and Game Relaunches Online License Sales, Adding New Protection After Hack

“We realize adding user identification requires a little more effort to log on, and it’s another password to remember, but we think the trade-off of having another layer of protection for our hunters’ and anglers’ personal information is worth it."

UPDATED: Crowd Packs Linen Building For Standing Rock Presentation, Petitions City Hall

"It's not until there's a rumble from below that [government agencies and the corporations financing and constructing DAPL] do something about it."

We May Not Know If Trump's Foreign Business Deals Violate the Constitution

President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t have to detail his business holdings in federal financial disclosures until May 2018.

Rexburg Police: The Mysterious Holiday Greeter and a False Report of Santa Abuse

The resident said that a "suspicious male with a Polish accent was going around her apartment complex, knocking on residents' doors and wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving."

Ybarra Announces Idaho Will Continue With Controversial Teacher Evaluation System Despite 'Misconceptions'

“We realize that there is a lack of public knowledge around use of the framework, as well as not asking for the right information, and we will continue to support districts in adoption and implementation."



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  • Project Censored: The Top 10 Censored Stories of 2016

    "Watergate taught us two important lessons about the press: First, the news media sometimes do fail to cover some important issues, and second, the news media sometimes indulge in self-censorship."
    • Nov 30, 2016
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