November 16, 2005 

“You have to have a dream so you can wake up in the morning.” —Billy Wilder, Hollywood director

Dear Dream Zone, I had this pain in the top left side of my right ring finger, and to my horror, there were earwigs (pincher bugs) that had entered my finger through a small hole. I assumed they were eating my flesh from the inside out. I had to carefully pull out two of them, slowly, so they wouldn't break and stay inside my finger. I pulled out two live ones, and two dead ones. AAAAK!! —Sheri 35, Oxnard, CA

Lauri: AAAK indeed! The first thing you have to ask yourself is what or who has really been "bugging" you lately! What has been "eating away" at you? This dream is getting your attention because it is commenting on a situation that you need to "exterminate" immediately! The ring finger is usually about a promise or commitment, so perhaps this will give you a clue. Have you committed to something or are you feeling obligated to someone or something that you would rather not have to deal with? This dream is telling you that it is time to get this situation out of your life.

Sheri replies: Wow! It's funny because I have committed to recording vocals with a new band lately, and at the time of the dream I was very burned-out from recording over several weeks without a real "break." I really just felt I needed some time to myself, and wasn't getting any. So I told the band I wasn't feeling well (somewhat true), and got the quality time alone I needed. Awesome interpretation! Thank you so much! That dream really had me freaked out!

Fascinating Dream Fact: Researchers believe about 1 percent of the population suffers from RBD: REM Behavior Disorder, which is when an individual acts out his or her violent dream. Most of the sufferers of RBD are middle aged men.

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