Redi Shade Temporary Shades 

Embarking on the long overdue home improvement project of painting our house led to the inevitable discovery of all of the other things that had to be done first--one of which was replacing three windows. We can't frame them on the inside because we don't have them insulated yet, and we didn't want to re-install the hardware for the drapes just to have to take it all down again. Stapling sheets over the windows was an option, but not a very pretty one. On a recent trip (one of way too damn many) to Lowe's, we found a surprisingly lovely solution: Redi Shades.

The pleated paper shades are more attractive and sturdier than we expected, and we had them installed in about one minute. Seriously. They have a strip of strong adhesive across the top (think Post-It notes on steroids) that stuck firmly to plaster and wood. Each shade comes with two lightweight plastic clips, which makes raising and lowering them simple, and with a sharp pair of scissors, they can easily be cut to fit.

Granted, if the window behind the shade is open and a door is opened or closed somewhere else in the house, they suck against the window like a kid taking a pull off a helium balloon, but a little straightening puts the pleats all back in place, just a tiny wrinkle or two worse for the wear.

The shades look so nice that I've considered leaving them up for a while. At less than $3 for a box of three, it's an inexpensive way to make sure that what happens at Casa de Atkins stays at Casa de Atkins.

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