Scalperina Pleads Out 

Marianne Dahle, possibly the most famous Idaho criminal since Claude Dallas, pled guilty on July 13 to slicing off the mohawk of a 16-year-old underling in her violent clique. According to reports in the Assoicated Press, Dahle blamed mental illness and substance abuse for her poor aim-she apparently meant to trim the victim's hair, not the scalp, with a 4-inch knife in Kirkham Hot Springs in January. Dahle also used the knife only because the same mental illness and substance abuse problems had led her to forget her trusty hairdressing razor at home. What led Dahle and her chums to leave the bloody pelt crumpled on the ground near the popular hot springs, rather than use the many convenient trash receptacles at Kirkham, has not been announced. When sentenced, Dahle faces up to 15 years in prison.

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