Street Spit: Hip Hop Night at The Bouquet 

click to enlarge Sign o' the times. - PHOTO: JAMES MCLEOD

If you continue to not know that the Blues Bouquet is now just called the The Bouquet then your stuck and probably still calling Tampa Bay "The Devil Rays." Get your head in the game, son cuz' we got some spring training to cover.

click to enlarge B-Boy gettin down at The Bouquet. - PHOTO: JAMES MCLEOD

Thursdays are now your night to get ragin' on the dance floor with DJ Revolve. Plenty a brew, many a crew, $1 PBRs, lots of boom-booms and whicky-whicky's. We asked people who where there, "What's up with Hip-Hop Thursdays?"

click to enlarge Brian "B-Real" - PHOTO: JAMES MCLEOD

Name: Brian "B-Real"

Age: 26

Occupation: Kayak king, Idaho River Sports

Hip-hop here? I think it started ... I think about four weeks ago or something like that. It's starting to get a little bit bigger—starting to grow a little bit. We got DJ Revolve down here though—some serious hip-hop always going down for sure.

Is he your favorite DJ?

Oh yeah, by far ever since I've been here, I mean that's my boy up there—always looking forward to seeing him here, and at the Neurolux on Friday nights. I like it here tonight because you get to see DJ Revolve in full form and spinning his own; he doesn't have to take requests from anybody or anything like that. So he's throwing down.

Then tonight should really be called "No Requests Thursday"?

Dude, if you want to request hip-hop, then you can come down and request it.

click to enlarge Alex the bartender - PHOTO: JAMES MCLEOD

Name: Alex

Age: 21

Occupation: Bartender at The Bouquet

This place is money for anyone who is into hip-hop tonight. These guys are always playing the best stuff anyways and you got the guys going up and free-styling over it.

Any other DJs who come to mind that throw down like this?

click to enlarge RZA breakin'. - PHOTO: JAMES MCLEOD

No, none that come to mind, not like this. You get to see the break guys come out. I think they are called The B-Boys or something? They get crazy out there on the dance floor. It's just a matter of time before it starts getting bigger. It is starting to form a tradition though.

click to enlarge Ann - PHOTO: JAMES MCLEOD

Name: Ann

Age: 25

Occupation: Nurse

I think [DJ Revolve] is the best DJ out there. I know him personally and have seen him spin all over town, but this is my first time to see hip-hop here at The Bouquet and I really like it.

Would you rent him if he set up shop at Tates?

Hell yeah I would rent him. We would have a party!

click to enlarge Ray and his buddy - PHOTO: JAMES MCLEOD

Name: Ray

Age: 34

Occupation: B-Boy with the Life Style Kings, sociological consultant

It's just getting under way, we need more support, and what people believe in, actually to embrace what they really care about. A lot of people that don't understand, they don't—but they still like it and they can feel it, but they are scared. They are shy. You got to come out and represent and be a part of it.

click to enlarge Ray - PHOTO: JAMES MCLEOD
Hip Hop is dancing, graffiti, style and sometimes a little G'd out—but it's getting better. It's a good time here though. We got the B-Boys coming out and dancing and doing some MC work, people having fun. That sort of thing, you know?

You been breaking here since the kickoff?

Definitely, this is what hip-hop is all about you know? The elements—just being a part of it. Not being shy or scared to come out, it's not like it's all G'd out, or ghetto. It is just a bunch of people having a good time.

So there's no ghetto here in Boise we can check out?

There is no ghetto in Boise.

Where are you originally from?

Oceanside, Calif.


(Laughs) Not really man, it's a cool place.

Just kidding dude. Thanks for your input

You bet. Just trying to blow this place up like it should be.

click to enlarge B-Boy going inverted. - PHOTO: JAMES MCLEOD

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