Study Reveals Men Turn Dumber Around Women 

Psychology researchers in the Netherlands have published a study showing men were “cognitively impaired" simply by the thought of being near a female.

Are you struck dumb when women are near?

Turns out you are not the only one.

And we have a study to prove it, people.

Dutch researchers found that men perform worse on cognitive tasks just by thinking they are being observed by a woman.

The study tested both men and women, asking them to perform a so called "Stroop test" for cognitive function (think flash cards in various colors and inks) under varying circumstances, Gizmodo reports:

In two separate studies, the subjects performed the Stroop test twice: once while they believed they were alone, and a second time after being told someone of the opposite sex was watching them via webcam. In both cases the women's performance during the second test was unchanged, but for the men, the mere thought of being watched by a woman caused their performance to plummet.

Naturally, the researchers suspect, it all comes down to mating. And social status.

And, of course, to our long evolutionary history as a species:

Men's inability to do well at cognitive tasks under these circumstances could be the result of them being more naturally attuned to potential mating opportunities. Modern social pressures could be in play, too, with men crumbling under the expectation to impress the ladies in the room.

There you have it.

Your high school years explained.

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