The Returns: Football and the BW Card 

On a pre-dawn flight leaving Boise last week, about one-third of the passengers were sporting their Boise State Bronco blue and orange, en route to the first football game of the season against Michigan State. Just as the last of the passengers shoehorned their luggage into overhead compartments, a weak "Boise" erupted from the front of the plane and, without fail and without much more umph than its cue, "State" was volleyed back from the rear. Another round ensued--slightly more enthusiastic than the first--before applause erupted in the cabin.

Two nights later, I caught a few minutes of the game in an East Coast bar and took a pretty healthy dose of razzing from a few friends--who were not Boise State fans--as the Broncos lost to the Spartans.

Personally I'm not that big of a football fan. But I did go to Nebraska during its days on top of the college football scene, and I know that once on top doesn't mean always on top. Question is: Are Broncos fans ready to learn that lesson?

Changing gears completely ...

We've finally solidified the changes to our BW Card program. Thank you for your patience while we overhauled the system with merchants.

Here's what you need to know: There are three ways participating merchants are offering discounts to BW Card members. Some merchants will continue to use the BW Card as they always have. Others will offer discounted gift cards, which can only be purchased at the Boise Weekly office. Finally, some merchants will now use a snazzy new mobile app called SmartCard.

Regardless of which option you choose, you'll want to have a look at which merchants will be part of the SmartCard crowd and which ones will be part of the original BW Card crowd. For details, log onto

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