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Entertainment on the cheap

Who says having fun has to be expensive? We here at BW certainly don't. Here are some entertainment ideas perfect for the collegiate budget.

Rollerskating--BW sassy pony, Leila Ramella, just had her birthday party at the Rollerdrome in Nampa and reported it was a total blast and economical. You'll find all kinds of people getting funky on the rink--young, old, single, attached, those who can shoot the duck and well ... those who can only maim themselves. Rollerdrome, 19 10th Avenue South at First St., 466-9905, call for public skating times Thursday-Sunday, $4 admission, $1 for skate rental, $2 for rollerblade rental.

Latenight at Winco--The wee hours of the night at Winco provide some of the best people watching in town. The later it is, the more interesting the scene. And not only are the shoppers colorful, the inner workings of the mega market are exposed at night--like how the food travels from the back stock area to the shelves on massive, beeping forklift-type thingies. Freaks, munchie-prone, graveyard workers, exam crammers and insomniacs unite. Plus, Winco's prices are unbeatable and the bulk bins rock. Open 24 hours. 110 E. Myrtle St., 424-1634.

Pojos--Sometimes your inner child is screaming to emerge; Pojos is the place for the release. Inside, they have all the favorite old-school video games (some for a paltry nickel) like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and Donkey Kong. There are also new humiliating games--like Dance, Dance Revolution--and safer, classic amusement in the form of skee ball, bumper cars and air hockey. 7736 Fairview Ave., 376-1504.

First Thursday--Every First Thursday of each month, several Boise stores, galleries and museums stay open late and many offer free beverages and munchies. Plus the awesome Boise Art Museum usually offers free admission (or highly discounted admission) all day long. Look for BW's First Thursday guide each month.

Cheap Movies--You do not have to spend nine clams to see a flick. Here are several ways to see a movie and not break the bank, starting with the cheapest.

If you want to rent a movie, both Boise Public Library and the Boise State library have FREE video rentals. The public library's DVD/VHS selection can appear deceptively weak on-site (because all the good movies are checked out), but if you search the on-line catalog for specific movies, you'll find a much more extensive selection. From there, you can put a hold on a movie to ensure you are the next person to get your hands on it. Boise Public Library, 715 S. Capitol Blvd., 384-4340,

The cheapest "dollar theater" in town is Overland Park Cinemas--we have no idea how they stay in business. Movies cost $3 (which includes popcorn/drink or candy/drink), $1 for children/students/seniors and get this: $.50 on Tuesdays. 7051 Overland at Cole, 377-3072.

The next cheapest is the Country Club Reel Theater, where all shows cost $2 and Tuesdays and midnight show cost only $1. 4550 W Overland Rd., 377-2620,

Boise's third cheapie theater is Towne Square Reel Theater, which costs $3 per movie or $2 on Tuesdays. 130 N. Milwaukee, 377-2620,

If you must see a movie closer to its actual release date, The Flicks always has discounted student tickets ($5.50) or you can save up and buy a punch card--nine movies for $45, making each movie a mere $5. 646 Fulton St., 342-4222,

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